A look at manufacturing based careers.

The world of business and manufacturing is changing rapidly. Media stories, however, tend to focus on high-tech and other IT advancements at the expense of what’s happening in the more real-world field of manufacturing. But, in fact, some of the most amazing strides in terms of process engineering, robotics, medicine and other essential fields are centered on new manufacturing techniques. Perhaps that’s why some of the hottest jobs for the early years of the current decade are in manufacturing-based career fields. Here’s a look at what you can do to get in on the action.

Get a Degree and a Job in the Field

There are plenty of entry-level jobs in manufacturing, but some of the most lucrative positions are available to holders of college degrees. Before deciding on what subject to major in, get your financing situation settled. School loans make good sense for anyone who wants to earn a degree and enter any of these lucrative career fields. Applying for an education loan is easy, and most borrowers have access to favorable interest rates and reasonable terms. After getting your degree, find a job in the field to get a few years of core experience under your belt and build up your resume.

Consider Working with Medical Devices

One of the fastest-growing areas of the sector involves the design, production, and testing of medical devices. As the population ages, more people need hospital and in-home devices for things like heart-rate monitoring, dialysis-related tasks, stroke recovery, and insulin management. Glance at the shelf in your local pharmacy if you have any doubt about the booming medical device economy. There, you’ll see everything from at-home blood tests to high-end computerized wheelchairs. If you want a long-term career that offers excellent pay and the opportunity for advancement, you can’t go wrong by taking a position in this vibrant market segment.

Train for a Career in Aerospace

You’ll need at least an associate’s degree for most of the career positions in aerospace, whether you choose to work as an operations manager, engineering tech, robotics engineer, computer automation specialists, or automation expert. Aerospace has long been a favorite career field for those with an inclination for math, research, computer science, hands-on testing, specialized maintenance, and similar avocations. Generally, those in this field work closely in development and production of all sorts of aircraft. They also maintain and operate a diverse range of equipment. With the advent of space tourism, look for this field to continue to grow rapidly throughout the decade.

Give a Look at Logistics

How do you get a given product from the manufacturer/supplier all the way to the end consumer? It isn’t easy, but logistics experts figure out how to get the job done. This is one of the more fast-paced career fields within manufacturing, and it usually requires a college degree for entry or advancement. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, consider getting your diploma in supply chain management, general business, or system engineering. The growing global economy needs logistics pros, which is one reason the field is rapidly expanding and needs fresh recruits.

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