What to do in the event space to protect your legal rights.

Experiencing any accident with a big truck or semi can be very scary and heavy. There are a few basic legal tips that can help in the event of a specific auto accident, but truck accidents are different from a specific car accident. So you should consult a truck accident attorney if you face an accident.

Serious truck accident cases are different and it is important to discuss this case with an experienced truck accident lawyer. Significant evidence proving a violation of important safety regulations may be destroyed. For example, log books that can prove speeding or driving for hours in dangerous fatigue can legally destroy the trucking company as soon as it is in danger. Black boxes or electronic data recorders can prove to be swiping and deleting important facts if the trucking company is not given notice to protect it.

Here are some additional tips to prepare well:

  1. Stay calm and help injured passengers.

Call an ambulance for anyone who is injured or injured. Do not move injured passengers unless necessary to prevent further injury.

  1. Call the police.

If the truck driver is told to pay for the damage or the injuries are minor, call the police immediately and file a report.

  1. Document all injuries.

Make a detailed list of all the injuries and pain you are experiencing, even if it may seem small at the time. This is important because most serious personal injuries that do not appear to be serious can worsen over time or they can be completely masked by more obvious injuries, such as bleeding. Auto insurance companies require all injury notice, otherwise, they may not receive benefits.

4. Visual photo.

Take photos of the accident scene if you can do it safely. Remember, most good law firms also have private investigators, who can also be put in danger. The photo must look:

To damage the vehicle.

Accidental truck accident victim.

Skid mark on the road next to a measuring stick, shoe or other object to measure the size of the mark.

  1. Cooperate with the police, but speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Avoid talking to anyone other than the police about your truck accident. Do not speak to investigators with the insurance company or accident lawyers who represent the trucking company responsible for the accident. If you try to meet with an insurance company representative at the hospital or at home immediately after the accident, do not accept “cash” in return for an instruction to punish others.

  1. Do not leave the accident site.

Until you are moved to the emergency room by ambulance, please remain at the truck accident scene until all other drivers and police have left.

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