The energy, time- and cost-efficient induction brazing for copper tubes in compressor assemblies had recently been demonstrated by UltraFlex.

Brazing With Induction Of Modular HVAC Systems, Industry Today
Brazing with induction of modular HVAC systems

The energy-, time- and cost-efficient induction brazing for copper tubes in compressor assemblies had recently been demonstrated by UltraFlex Power Technologies. The demo was performed following a request by a potential customer – a manufacturer from the Medical & Dental industry.

The customer was evaluating a possible replacement of the torch brazing used in his manufacturing process with induction brazing, to achieve better energy- and cost-efficiency, higher quality of the brazed joints, increased repeatability, increased productivity and a safer working environment. UltraFlex, being a leading manufacturer of advanced, digitally controlled induction heaters, offered a demo application setup that would prove the efficiency of induction for the customer’s brazing scenario.

In this customer demo setup, 7 copper tube joints of different sizes had to be reliably brazed. UltraFlex engineers recommended the use of an induction heater from the UltraFlex SOLO Ubraze series, so the customer would be able to see brazing of several joints with the same induction coil. The SOLO UBraze Hand-held Induction Brazing System is a compact hand-held induction brazing system that allows to achieve repeatability and consistency of the end result thanks to the accurate energy control. It features precise power control from 1 to 100%, output regulation, parameter monitoring, industrial control touch LCD panel and much more.

With SOLO UBraze, the 1/4’’ (6.35 mm) OD copper tubes in the customer’s assembly could be successfully brazed within the desired time of 5 seconds. The resulting joints had much better quality compared to the torch-brazed ones. The brazing process had been very energy-efficient and hence, cost-efficient.

Due to the digital power control of the induction heater, when transferred to the production line, this induction brazing process would ensure consistent results, repeatability and increased productivity. Last but not least, the customer would achieve a completely safe and smoke-free brazing process – safe for the operator, safe for the environment.

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