The time-efficient induction heating process for titanium and steel wires has recently been demonstrated by UltraFlex Power Technologies.

The time-efficient induction heating process for titanium and steel wires has recently been demonstrated by UltraFlex Power Technologies, as part of their collaboration with a British research university.

As part of their engineering and research efforts, the university had developed a technology involving induction preheating of wires, strip wires and plates of steel and titanium by using robots. The goal of the demo was to verify that wire samples having different size and shape, could be heated with induction at target heating temperature of 700°C, with a productivity rate of 10 m/min for all wires. The samples used were: 1.2mm round steel wire, 3.2mm round steel cored wire, 0.5mm strip steel wire, 0.8mm strip steel wire, 0.5mm strip steel wire, and 1.2mm round Ti64 wire.

For this application demo, UltraFlex recommended the use of an induction heater from the UltraFlex UltraHeat W series. UltraFlex W are advanced, cost-effective 5-15 kW Induction Heating systems utilizing the latest switching power supply technology. They feature adaptive digital phase control providing very efficient operation in a wide frequency range. Different heating coils designed for the different wire sizes would ensure maximum efficiency of the heating process.

By setting the target temperature to 700°C and using different power settings, the induction preheating process was successfully accomplished, within 1 second for part of the wires and within 5 seconds for the rest. The demo not only proved the possibility to heat all wire samples using induction, but also showed the time- and energy-efficiency of the process, which would allow to easily reach the predefined target productivity rates. It also proved the ease of operating with induction heating equipment, by operators with no specific skills and under no specific environment. The safety of the working place is guaranteed, thanks to the lack of flame, smoke or noxious emissions.

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