Volume 10 | Issue 2 | Year 2007

We kicked off GE Consumer & Industrial’s drive to innovate and lead the way to general illumination with white, light-emitting diode (LED) solutions – on a global scale in commercial, industrial and residential settings – with a symbolic and meaningful name change in early February.
Going forward, GELcore, LLC will operate as Lumination, LLC. The new name reflects our fast–growing business unit’s vision of imagination with light, and embraces GE’s heritage of innovation and optimism for the future.

Our name change emphasizes an important element of our growth strategy. Our focus since our inception has been lighting applications that leverage the benefits of LEDs to drive real value for customers. We remain committed to delivering best–in–class LED lighting solutions in key segments such as signage, architecture, transportation signals and retail display, while also setting our sights on global distinction in the emerging general illumination market segment.

Strengthened position
GE strengthened its global position in LEDs in late 2006 by investing $100 million in the Lumination business and forming a strategic alliance with the Nichia Corporation, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and a leader in phosphors and optoelectronics.

Lumination’s LED system expertise and its ability to help customers significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs have contributed to the development of numerous important customer relationships. Leading companies such as Hilton Hotels Corporation and The Home Depot have entrusted Lumination to provide outdoor signage solutions for all new construction work. Entire states such as Kentucky and large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles have used Lumination solutions to retrofit traffic and pedestrian signals.
As a result of this innovation and activity, Lumination has grown more than 30 percent annually since it was founded.

Initiating the name change makes customers aware of Lumination’s intent to be a global leader in the emerging white LED general illumination market segment – the great frontier of commercial, industrial and residential lighting.

We’re going to capitalize on our ability to provide GE “ecomagination” LED solutions for signage, architectural, transportation signals and retail display applications. This will be especially important as we move down the path toward general illumination with viable LED alternatives to incumbent lighting technologies such as fluorescent.
While the technology shift won’t happen over night, Lumination will be at the forefront of the transformation.

David Elien is president of Lumination, LLC, a subsidiary of GE Consumer & Industrial, which is driving innovation, energy efficiency and cost savings for customers that use LED products, systems and solutions. For information visit www.led.com

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