Aspects that you need to look for when buying a used diesel generator.

Buying a used diesel generator is no small feat. Many diesel generators for sale boast hefty price tags, so it is more economical for you to purchase a used one. However, this can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for; you need to be 100% percent sure that you are buying a safe and efficient diesel generator.

There are a few important aspects to look for when buying a used diesel generator, such as the running hours, service record, and state of the engine. Unfortunately, not everyone who posts a diesel generator for sale has your best interests at heart, and may be trying to take advantage of you and sell you a subpar machine. This is especially rampant in online marketplaces where there are few regulations. Because of the risk of being scammed, it is essential to purchase a used diesel generator from a reputable dealer.

When you find a reputable dealer, buying a used diesel generator becomes a much easier process. However, you should still go down the line to make sure your purchase will fit you or your company’s power needs.

Here is the used diesel generator buying checklist, as sworn by industry professionals:

Do your research.

The first, and often most important step when browsing used diesel generators for sale, is doing your research. You need to ensure that the generator you select is in good, working quality and will fit your needs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the seller reputable? Are they experts in their field?
  • What brand is the generator? Is it a trusted brand with good reviews?
  • Is the diesel generator able to fulfill your power needs?
  • If it will be working in conjunction with another generator, are they compatible?
  • Have you reviewed the engine’s history? What are the running hours?
  • Does the diesel generator appear to be in good condition?
  • Does the generator look to be in too nice of a condition for its running hours? The seller may be trying to scam you.
  • Is the diesel generator for sale a deal that seems too good to be true? It probably is, and be aware it may be a scam or a subpar machine.

If you have answered these questions and feel confident in the answers, continue on with the rest of the checklist.

Do a load test.

You should never buy a used diesel generator without testing it first. Use a calibrated load bank to put the generator through its motions. It is recommended that you conduct a full load test at 100% capacity to ensure that the generator works under even the toughest conditions. If the generator works, great! If it doesn’t, either move on or address what you would need to fix if you purchased the diesel generator for sale.

Request upgrades or servicing.

You always want your machine to be in top condition. Before purchasing a used diesel generator, you should request a new control panel as part of the deal. This is because outdated analogue units may not work in conjunction with modern units, which is especially important if you will be working with multiple generators on the same system.

Additionally, parts that develop wear and tear from use, like hoses, belts, or filters should be replaced by the seller prior to sale.

Do another load test.

Again, buying a used diesel generator is not a small purchase, so it is essential that you are getting a machine that works well for your money. The second load test should be done after any repairs are made or parts are changed, so you can ensure nothing went wrong while the generator was being serviced. The load should be tested at 100% capacity again, and a test certificate should be issued.

If the diesel generator for sale has passed this checklist, congratulations! You have managed to find a wonderful machine for a great price.

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