One-stop-shop for digital transformation of production systems becomes a reality.

Indiana, US – Visual Components, the developer of 3D simulation software, today announces that it has acquired the robotics division of Delfoi, a pioneer company in robot offline programming (OLP) software solutions worldwide. This gives the Finnish organization the foundation to expand in the U.S. and globally by complementing its existing simulation tools for production systems and virtual commissioning with OLP capabilities.

OLP capabilities will give manufacturers the opportunity to program robots on the factory floor, alongside Visual Components’ existing product offering of layout design, feasibility and validation of control logics, robot programs and processes. This functionality will essentially make a one-stop-shop for digital transformation of production systems a reality and will enable manufacturers to benefit from significantly reduced levels of downtime and save time and improve the accuracy of robotic programming processes.

These capabilities will help to meet the growing demand for effective utilization of robotics in the manufacturing environment, alongside the increased use of simulation and virtual commissioning. As Industry 5.0 grows in importance, which places focus on upskilling humans in the workforce, this development allows professionals to train across a number of disciplines with just one solution.

Manufacturers will also save on costs and enable more sustainable practices with use of one tool to complete both robotic programming and simulation projects. Delfoi brings a wealth of experience in robotic applications such as cutting, welding and surface processes, helping to bring improved solutions to manufacturers and system integrators.

“This acquisition is a natural next step in a long working relationship with Delfoi, with the business having utilized our simulation software for over ten years. It’s fantastic to now be joining forces with another Finnish company to meet the demand from manufacturers to effectively utilize robots on the factory floor as Industry 5.0 grows in importance. Our customers now benefit from a solution that covers the entire production system lifecycle,” said Mikko Urho, CEO at Visual Components.

Following year-on-year turnover growth of 45% and a 25% increase in employee numbers, the organization expects to have over 100 employees by the end of the year with the acquisition. This growth of employees is expected to continue in 2023. Visual Components is also looking to further invest in development, sales and marketing to continue its upward growth trajectory as the Delfoi robotics team is integrated into the organization’s Finland-based headquarters.

Visual Components is ideally placed to grow its presence in the U.S., with an established office already in the country. Alongside this, the organization is aiming to expand in the APAC region, specifically China, Japan and South Korea, with the intention to add to its comprehensive customer base in European countries such as the UK and Germany.

About Visual Components
Founded by a team of simulation experts and amassing over 20 years in business, Visual Components is one of the pioneers of the 3D manufacturing simulation industry. The organization is a trusted technology partner to a number of leading brands, offering machine builders, system integrators and manufacturers a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to design and simulate production processes. To move to its next stage of growth and enhance its product offering, Visual Components has acquired Delfoi, a pioneer company in robot offline programming (OLP) software solutions. For more information please visit:

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