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September 2, 2019

With waste management and recycling being hot topics, more businesses are looking at ways to improve how they handle waste. Businesses of all sizes and niches produce waste, be it from a small office to an industrial scale. Waste machinery for businesses comes with a variety of functions, so if you are looking for information about what sort of machinery is right for your business, read on.

The most common types of materials that can be recycled are paper and card, plastics, glass, wood and metals, and there is machinery available that makes easy work of handling, removal and recycling of these materials.

Shredders – this machinery takes large pieces of material and shreds it into small pieces. The most common types of shredder are for paper, which not only makes it into a better size for compaction but also means that confidential documents are not at risk of getting into the wrong hands. There are also heavy duty shredders available for card and plastics.

Compactors – these machines take loose material and press it to reduce the space it take up. Material can be shredded first, or simple compacted as it is. The advantage of shredding first means that more material can be pressed together, but it is not essential. Having compact material for disposal takes up less space, and keeps your work environment tidier.

Balers – balers take waste material and press it to form a bale which is them secured with twine to hold it together. Some bales can work with different types of waste, while others are designed for a single material. It is a good idea to do some research on the types of baler that would work for your business, such as from websites as recyclingbalers.com.

Baling recyclable materials together brings money-saving advantages to a business. The size and shape of a bale makes it easy to stack and store, and because they fit neatly into a truck, more can be taken away for recycling at time, saving money on extra loads.

Another advantage of using a baler is that it reduces the risk of fire, and compacted material does not light as easily, or burn as quickly, as loose materials. If your business uses a baler, you might get a lower rate on your business insurance, and be able to manage better if a fire does break out.

Glass Crushers – if your business has lots of glass waste, such as bars and restaurants, then a glass crushing machine can reduce the space taken up by empty bottles in recycling bins. This lessens the amount of loads needed to take them to recycling facilities, as well as lowering the overall costs of waste disposal.

Waste machinery comes in many sizes, so it can work for any business premises. If you are looking for ways to lower the amount your business spends on removing waste, as well as being a business that works to lessen its effect on the environment, then waste machinery is a good option.

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