Managed print services (MPS) allow you to gain control of your printing.

A common stumbling block with many entrepreneurs is saving.

In many cases, you’ll find that businesses are wasting money on unnecessary expenses.

One of the key business expenses is printing, but the good thing is Concept Group can help to resolve the printing expenses through managed print services.

See, printing is often the least considered business expense, but in reality, it encapsulates more than what you might think.

Sure, it’ll not take a huge sum of your budget, but cumulatively, you’ll see it has a huge impact.

Numerous costs are often associated with printing, and it’s easy for them to add up if you’re not extra careful.

Some of the common printing-related expenses include:

  • Cost of printer equipment
  • Cost of printer supplies such as ink and toner
  • Cost per page for print equipment
  • Processes supporting print equipment
  • In-house IT staff
  • Repairs, maintenance, and replacement

Now, when you add up all the total costs associated with business printing, you can see that printing-related expenses can account for a significant sum of your total revenue.

What even exacerbates the print-related expenses is a majority of the companies normally use the desktop printer for convenience, and they never keep a record of the costs associated with the small devices.

The good news is, there’s a simple solution that can help in monitoring your print-related activities.

At the same time, this “solution” will save you time and, more importantly, your money.

It’s called Managed Print Services, or rather MPS.

MPS will allow you to gain better visibility as well as control of your printing.

But what exactly is MPS?

Defining Managed Print Services

MPS is a program that is tailored for optimizing and streamlining your company’s print environment.

The services are often offered by professional companies, and they work by shifting the management as well as the responsibility of print technology in your business.

Normally, MPS will assess your company’s print technology.

From here, they’ll determine if any inefficiencies exist, and from here, they can make recommendations, and changes are made to improve the overall efficiency of your technology and enhance the productivity of your staff.

The good thing with MPS is they normally offer real results, and so, your business can always save money, and your staff can concentrate on the crucial tasks, instead of printers.

Generally, we consider MPS as an easy solution for reducing the administrative costs, reducing frustration, while at the same time increasing the overall productivity of your valuable staff.

Functions of MPS

Normally, MPS perform a variety of tasks, but world-class MPS services revolve around three crucial elements;


MPS will take care of any endpoints, including desktop printers and basically anything that prints paper.

Technical Support

This package revolves around the ability for you to remotely monitor a fleet of printers.

It also includes collecting predictive intelligence that might be quite handy in anticipating the organization’s needs. MPS, will, for instance, look for potential issues and proactively remediate them before they result in failure or cause downtime.


A true MPS is more than technical support, maintenance, and fixtures, but rather looking at everything holistically.

The holistic insight into their client’s printing environment is quite handy as it helps the businesses to optimize efficiency as well as costs.

Generally, MPS are not only responsible for controlling the printing expenses, but will also play a crucial role in saving your overall printing expenses.

Better yet, they’ll enhance the over productivity and enhance efficiency in your firm.

Isn’t it time you stopped wasting more money on print-related expenses and made a smarter choice by switching to Managed Print Services?

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