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April 2, 2024 Why A New Working From Home Boom Is On The Horizon

Conferencing manufacturer, Boom Collaboration is predicting a surge in demand for home working equipment, fueled by UK law changes.

From April 6th new flexible working legislation mean millions of employees will have more choice over where and when they work, from day one of a new role.

Under the new regulations, people will be entitled to request flexible working arrangements from the very first day of their employment rather than after 26 weeks as is currently. This includes requests for part-time, term-time, flexitime, compressed hours, and varied working locations.

Employers need to be aware that, under the new rules, before they reject any request for flexible working arrangements, they have to explain the reasons behind their decision. Previously, employers could deny any request for flexible working without explanation.


Employers are also obliged to respond to flexible working requests within two months, compared to three months previously. In addition, employees can also make two statutory requests for flexible working in any 12-month period, as opposed to one request previously.

The new Flexible Working (Amendment) Regulations 2023 will trigger a further spike in demand for video conferencing equipment according to Boom co-founder Holli Hulett, who explained that the changes are about to come into full force.

“In many ways the Covid lockdowns were a game-changer which triggered huge demand for video conferencing and a dramatic shift in working patterns. These trends continue to evolve on a global scale.

“This latest UK legislation represents a compelling opportunity for all those working in the industry to engage with their customers and re-evaluate their flexible working needs,” she emphasised.

The Boom UNO is a complete conferencing solution which is portable too.
The Boom UNO is a complete conferencing solution which is portable too.


Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Boom Collaboration develops conferencing and collaboration hardware solutions for the complete array of meeting environments, from personal devices to full room systems. Boom was created by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist as well as Hulett, and operates via distributor Westcoast in the UK.

Hörnkvist highlighted how ‘jumping on a conference call’ has now become part of daily life for many employees and their organisations.

“There’s no doubt video conferencing is a proven alternative to face-to-face meetings and the quality of equipment continues to rise with ever more sophisticated and intelligent AI-based capabilities. Lots of workers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from different locations and in different ways. Remote meetings are also kinder to the planet too, saving not just time but lots of business travel.”

He added: “Dedicated working from home kits continue to accelerate in popularity, whilst video bars and powerful PTZ cameras provide the optimum meeting room experience. But there’s no one-size-fits-all as every business has bespoke needs and requirements.”

Hulett concluded: “We expect to see demand grow for personal conferencing as well as wider meeting room investments, where high quality audio as well as pristine picture performance make conferencing engaging, intuitive and easy to use. In many cases people can work in more flexible ways from almost anywhere without any detrimental impact to business performance. The new UK legislation further reflects this.”

About Boom
Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Austin, TX, Boom Collaboration develops conferencing and collaboration hardware solutions for a wide array of meeting environments. Boom was born by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett who have a natural love for collaboration and a strong desire to address both current and future video conferencing trends, through an agile organization that brings innovation to today’s dynamic and diverse meeting room spaces. Boom believes excellent hardware that delivers smooth video and crystal clear audio brings the world one step closer and helps customers accomplish more together in less time. https://boomcollaboration.com

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