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February 20, 2019

American manufacturers make many things, and they make them well, which is why our economy continues to grow despite increasing competition and pressures from overseas markets. Whatever sector of industry a particular manufacturer operates in, however, there is one thing more than any other that it’s important to make – a happy workforce. A happy worker is prepared to work harder for longer, meaning that they and the company that employs them is more productive, but just how do you make a workforce happy? Here are three essential steps to creating workplace contentment.

Create a Safe Work Space

Whatever job we work in, one thing above all else is important to us: our health. That’s why the first step to creating a happy workforce is to have a safe working environment. By the nature of manufacturing, there are going to be areas that could potentially be hazardous, so it’s essential to invest in high quality safety equipment for the industrial workspace. Machine guarding technology is advancing all the time, so installing the latest ejection curtains, power transmission guards and fall protection safeguards can create a much safer working environment; this in turn means that staff will feel much happier using them, leading to greater productivity as well as less time lost due to accidents and sickness.

Recognize Achievements

Many people think that pay is the primary concern for most workers; it’s certainly a motivator, so smart manufacturers ensure that employees are paid fairly, but respect and recognition can be even more important to your staff. We all want to feel appreciated, and you can do that with employees by having schemes that recognize their hard work and that reward achievements such as faultless attendance and timekeeping. Workers also like to feel that career progression is possible to them, and a well-earned promotion or a new improved job title can make a member of staff just as happy as a pay rise.

Encourage Camaraderie

Most people spend a large part of their day at work; in fact, many people see more of their colleagues during the week than they do of their loved ones, so it’s vital that as many of them as possible get on. Manufacturers must do all they can to ensure a workplace that is supportive, and where colleagues get on with one another. Workplace complaints should be taken seriously and resolved quickly, and it can also be beneficial to arrange fun activities that take place outside the workplace. Well organized nights out and team building exercises help to bring teammates closer together, and the benefits can be seen once the colleagues are back working alongside each other in the factory or office.

A smart manufacturer should always create a safe workplace, where employees are respected and rewarded, and one where colleagues work together well. The time and money invested in these three areas can soon repay itself many times over, as happy and contented workers are among the key factors found in all of America’s most successful manufacturing companies.

Workplace Contentment, Industry TodayMian Azhar
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