What are the most common incidents employees face?

As far as workplace safety is concerned, prevention is better than cure. This is why workplaces up and down the country have legislation and procedures in place to keep employees like you and me safe and protected. From initial training and ongoing revisions and updates to regular risk assessments, health and safety audits, and first aid training. There’s plenty in place to keep workplace accidents as rare as possible.

Sadly, even the most prepared and educated workplace can still fall foul of workplace injuries. This is why it’s important to make yourself familiar with the potential incidents that can occur in any place of work. Read on to find out more.

Muscle strains and related injuries

If you work somewhere that requires you to lift heavy objects daily, or maybe you’ve been asked to move your computer and equipment to another desk in the office, then you could be at risk of a workplace injury. Muscle strains and back issues including herniated discs are highly likely and incredibly debilitating. Looking for a herniated disc lawyer in Atlanta? Click the link for more information. Pulling or twisting your neck and hurting your back can leave you unable to work until you’re fully recovered.


Sometimes, it doesn’t take much for tensions in the workplace to bubble over into a physical altercation. This is more likely in workplaces where there are high-stress levels and even a higher likelihood of bullying such as factories and building sites. Or a simple comment could be taken the wrong way and result in a fight. These kinds of injuries will vary but they may require hospital treatment.


Believe it or not, you don’t have to work as a chef or in a commercial kitchen to be at risk of burns and skin injuries. Chemical burns are likely for those who work with dangerous substances and often, office workers are at risk from burns from boiling water when they make drinks.

Hit by falling objects

Being hit by something isn’t pleasant. And in the workplace, it could leave you with a serious injury. You could be on a construction site, in a factory, warehouse, or even an office to be a victim. Falling boxes, tools, debris, and even loose structures falling onto you could cause severe head injuries and even death.

Repetitive strain injury

RSI is painful and debilitating and if you’re required to use your muscles over and over again in the same pattern for hours at a time, you’re likely to suffer the consequences. RSI can happen to anyone who isn’t engaged in good posture or encouraged to take regular breaks.

Final thoughts…

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, find out about your workers’ comp rights, or reach out to a personal injury lawyer.

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