Altus Group

Manufacturing Property Tax: Assess Reality, Not the Dream

Can your factory’s property tax assessment better reflect its true value?

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Entrust Datacard

Tackling Cyber Risks in ICS IoT Ecosystems

As security risks in ICS IoT ecosystems rise, security platforms like ioTrust can help combat them and increase efficiency.

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Ways to save money on your car

Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, or a way to save money on a car you own, one needs to find the best deals in the current market.

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Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Congress: Catching Up with States on Driverless Cars

Legislation is under consideration to address automated vehicles – vehicles that drive themselves with minimum supervision by a human.

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What’s Next for South Africa’s Economy?

Much of the success of South Africa is built on mining but as precious metal prices drop, what’s next for the country’s economy?

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Increased Oil Flow Means Increased Dataflow

In this age of big data, someone coined the phrase: ‘data is the new oil’.

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Enabling Innovation in Industrial IT

How does a large industrial company unlock innovative solutions to legacy problems while maintaining optimal service? Embrace Digital.

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Amber Road

Going Digital: What Does it Mean?

Digital supply chains go beyond saving money — they create competitive advantages and revenue and can be achieved with a better approach.

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University of Waterloo

Additive Manufacturing: Promise, Challenges & Opportunities

University of Waterloo researchers are keeping their eyes on the prize as they work to advance industrial adoption of metal 3D printing.

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Manufacturing Sector Transforming with AI, Automation

New AI report from Infosys shows lifelong learning, reskilling viewed as critical to successful digital transformation.

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Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council

Great Lakes – Great Wine

Michigan’s lake effect contributes to a thriving wine industry.

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Greater San Marcos Partnership

Greater San Marcos, Texas is Building the Future of Manufacturing

In the heart of the rapidly-growing Austin-San Antonio “Innovation Corridor,” the Greater San Marcos region is the next frontier of manufacturing.

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