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Incentive Solutions

Using Incentives to Build Distributor Loyalty

As a manufacturer, if you make up less than 10% of your distributors' product mix, you are not getting the attention of management or, more importantly, sales representatives.
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Manufacturing Leaders and Economic Blues

Activate Your 5-Step P.R.O.F.I+T Plan to Beat the Economic Blues
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Advanced Technology Services (ATS)

The Maintenance Mess: What It Will Take To Prevent Breakdowns

Predictive maintenance could save the industrial world billions annually, but this emerging field poses technological challenges that must be overcome first.
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Current Issue

American Coatings Association

Industry Expected to Approach $25 Billion in 2019

The American Coatings Association (ACA) is pleased to announce the publication and availability of its ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019). This leading market study profiles the performance of the coatings industry’s 19 market sectors, offering insightful analysis, and provides projections for sector performance for the five-year period.
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SAE International

Conversion to XML of Industry Standards Library Greatly Improves Productivity and Creates New Revenue Streams

Conversion of thousands of industry standards documents to XML increases interoperability of data, integration into SAE International customers' workflow.
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IBISWorld Sector Analysis: Manufacturing

The demise of American manufacturing has become a familiar headline. Technological change, deregulation, outsourcing and increasingly competitive foreign producers all continue to do their part in hollowing out the US industrial base.
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