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Composite Supply Chain Reinforces Utah’s Economic Prosperity

Composite structures are not new in history nor are they new to Utah. Those in the know are aware that Utah has a burgeoning advanced composite industry that has attracted some of the most well respected firms in the country.

What sets Utah apart from other states? It is the fully developed and diverse supply chain of producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers that work closely together to efficiently produce state-of-the-art, durable products. Jessica Nield, of the Utah Governor’s office of Economic Development reports.
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American Chemistry Council

Leading Economic Indicator Reveals U.S. Economy Experiencing Spring Thaw; Hints at Healthy Growth

Following unusually harsh seasonal conditions, Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB) sees upward revisions and hits six year peak.
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Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI)

Manufacturing Trends for 2014-2015

As quoted in an interview last week, Jacob Prak, CEO of Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI), provided an overview of manufacturing trends for the coming twelve months. A mechanical engineer, Prak founded MMI in 1991. He has seen many changes over the last 23 years and is well positioned to provide a comprehensive overview of the trends in manufacturing.
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IHS Technology

A Failure to Communicate:

Disconnect between equipment purchasers and factory operators costs manufacturers billions.
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Global Outlook


    Impacting the World Above & Below

    Whether it’s buildings soaring sky high into the clouds, drills spinning their way deep into the depths of the earth’s crust, or the water and resources that flow in between, Layne represents a global company that impacts the world in a multitude of ways.
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Cyclone Manufacturing

Taking Aerospace by Storm

Cyclone Manufacturing enters its 50th year in business in 2014 and yet, perhaps an even bigger anniversary is the 25 years that its President, Andrew Sochaj, has been at the helm of control. In a conversation with Industry Today, Sochaj talks about the explosive growth his Canada-based company has experienced over the past couple of decades, its present position today in the aerospace market, and why he doesn’t expect things to slow down anytime soon. Steve Engelhardt reports.
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An Investment Strategy That is Paying Off

Brazil’s largest producer of agricultural machinery invests in constant evolution in one of the country’s most important industries. Reuben Ford reports on the company’s strategy for success.

Stara SA manufactures the broadest range of agricultural machines, and offers the best-prepared after-sales service in Brazil. With over 50 years of steady growth, Stara invests in its plants and people to ensure opportunities for growth.
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Chrysler Group

Back to Life

Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Chrysler Group has come off of life support to become a revitalized enterprise. Resurrected from bankruptcy, but with no powertrain strategy, the Detroit automaker has turned things around – thanks to high-level management ideation and a CEO’s strong commitment.

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Why Are More Buying Bayer in Brazil?

This traditional global pharmaceuticals giant has unprecedented growth in Brazil. Reuben Ford analyzes the market catalysts of an emerging economy.

Founded 150 years ago in Germany, Bayer is one of the oldest and strongest brands in health care, science and agricultural chemicals.
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Supermétal Structures

Steel Origins

Supermétal Structures is now one of North America’s most celebrated structural steel contractors, recognized throughout various industry sectors for its line of top-quality, fabricated products, delivered on time and customized to contractual specifications at competitive prices. Leo Rommel reports on this firm’s long history of fabricating excellence, which originated in a small Quebec residential garage. Look at it today.
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More Than Just Packaging

Approaching 30 years of trading, one of Brazil’s biggest packaging companies has a history of investment and success. Planning Manager Alexandre Fachinelli explains to Reuben Ford how company values and service have been instrumental in attaining market leadership.

Packaging and presentation are the important link between products and customers – encapsulating brand image and both industrial and environmental concerns.
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Pennsylvania Association of Manufacturers

Can Pennsylvania Ignite An Energy Revolution?

There’s a potential manufacturing revolution on the horizon for the state of Pennsylvania. The state’s territories currently sit on vast areas of untapped natural resources that, if utilized, could give the northeastern United States its first major player in the large-scale production and distribution of natural resources, officials say.
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Innovative Refrigeration

All In One

Design concept and award-winning engineering? Check. Meticulous project management and dedicated customer service from start to finish? Check. Expertise in rigging, welding, piping, insulation, control wiring, and turnkey installation? All checks. Innovative Refrigeration does it all, a one-stop shop for all of your industrial refrigeration needs. Leo Rommel reports how this family-owned, one-time garage shop quickly morphed into a nationwide powerhouse in the cold storage and food processing industry.
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Markel Bakery Group

High Ambition: How Will the Markel Bakery Group Achieve its Aim?

As Virginia-based Markel Bakery Group strengthens its worldwide presence, the Group aims to define the next big thing in baking. CEO Ken Newsome describes for Dan Harvey how this vision will become reality.
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Lifting Standards in Brazil

This US crane building company opens a state-of-the-art factory in Brazil, creating equipment of international standards for the Latin American market. Reuben Ford talks investment and innovation with General Manager of Manitowoc Brasil, Mauro Nunes.
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All Star Metals

Scrap Metal All Stars

The USS Forrestal has docked for the last time. The historic aircraft carrier, infamous for its 1967 fire, which killed 137 sailors and injured another 161, is currently undergoing dismantlement at a port in Brownsville, Texas. And yet, the focus is on All Star Metals, a subsidiary unit of Scrap Metal Services, and the company tasked with taking apart the 1,067-foot (325 meters) vessel.
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Sea Box

Containing All of Your Needs

Sea Box Inc. represents a company that has facilitated a ‘Can-do’ attitude into success. Its Vice President of sales, Nick Catanzariti, discusses how the company has grown from its humble beginnings into one whose products today are at the top of their class and whose highly customizable nature is commanding the attention of more and more industries. Steve Engelhardt reports.
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