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Will Trump Take Ford’s New China Trade Hint?

Excessive focus on bilateral trade issues by Trump’s administration won’t prevent much of the corporate offshoring he’s rightly targeting.

IDC Manufacturing Insights

Enterprise Applications, iERP, and the Manufacturing Industry

In 2017, manufacturers will invest $14B on ERP and intelligent ERP systems to support integrated operations and digital transformation.

USG & U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Inaugural ‘Commercial Construction Index’ Indicates High Revenue and Employment Expectations for 2017

USG Corporation (USG) and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Release Survey Results Gauging Confidence among Industry Leaders

Metals & Mining
Metals Service Center Institute

Why Trade Enforcement Fails the Metals Supply Chain

A more innovative, comprehensive program would be tough and fair.

Standard Textile

Female Engineers Trailblazing in Textile Manufacturing

From designing plant layouts to analyzing ROI & optimizing operations, women engineers at Standard Textile are helping reshape the industry.

Human Resources & the Workforce
Tauber Institute

New Leaders for the Evolving World of Operations

Tauber Institute for Global Operations meets industry demand for leaders who can integrate business and engineering to shape the future of operations.

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Following the Trends 2017 – Is your content ready?

DCL and the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) wanted to know how the changing content development and delivery requirement are affecting your business today. Here's how you and others in the information-development community responded.

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Colour Consult – P1 preform transmission instrument for quality control

The P1 preform transmission quality instrument measures how much light passes through an object. For instance plastic preforms or caps.

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Sometimes You Need a Plastics Specialist

When you ask a metal machinist to make your plastic part, you’re taking a huge, potentially costly risk. Learn the contamination hazards of machining plastic on equipment used for metal parts production. Find out what plastics machining specialists bring to the table and how to choose the most qualified expert.

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Industry Research

Managing Quality in Manufacturing with Digital Jidoka

To be successful in today's manufacturing climate, manufacturers must work in tight collaboration with their ecosystem to meet quality expectations.


Automotive E-Book

Highlighted are four innovative car manufacturers - Subaru of Indiana (SIA) who recently rolled out its five millionth vehicle, a blue Outback, at the only Subaru plant outside of Japan; Ford with the F-150, the toughest, smartest and most capable F-150 ever; GM’s Chevy Silverado, a well-established brand, particularly in trucks and Chrysler’s FCA US Windsor Assembly plant that is producing the first-ever electrified minivan.

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Case Study

Sourcing Specialist Firm Takes the Risk Out of Manufacturing in Asia

Companies looking for the best possible price on manufactured parts can find the prospect of manufacturing overseas daunting.