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Newark CEDC

Manufacturing Newark's Future

The city of Newark has long been considered one of the United States' "diamonds in the rough," and why shouldn't it be? Given its close proximity to New York City, the presence of a major port, an abundance of dynamic rail, and an extremely diversified workforce hailing from a number of different local universities, Newark has long had the tools in place to vault itself into a significant economic hub in perhaps the country's busiest and most fast-paced region.
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Dow Microbial Control

Thinking Beyond Energy: Reaping the Supply Chain Benefits of Shale Gas

Thanks to hydraulic fracturing, natural gas has become a more accessible resource - with benefits throughout the supply chain and across industries.
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Accenture Strategy

Realizing Value from Responsible Supply Chains

A company's success is tightly intertwined with the quality of its supply chains.
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Bank of the West

Made Here: The Business Outlook for U.S. Manufacturing

"Made in the USA": It's a tagline that's seen more often these days - and with good reason.
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    Uponor: Pipe Excellence

    As one of the original pioneers of the revolutionary PEX piping technology, Uponor is a company that is known around the world for generating innovative solutions across a number of different applications; from plumbing and fire safety, to radiant heating and cooling systems, and pre-insulated pipe configurations for residential and commercial spaces all over the world.
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Global Outlook

    A.T. Kearney

    2015 FDI Confidence Index®

    Nearly Three-Quarters of Countries Ranked in Top 25 are Developed Economies; U.S. and China Hold Top Two Positions for Third Straight Year. United Kingdom rises to #3 to lead Europe; Canada comes in #4 Asian Investors, the Most Bullish, Emphasize Frontier Markets.
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Lockheed Martin

Lightning Strike

Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is a breed apart, the most technologically innovative combat aircraft that combines unsurpassed stealth and maneuverability capabilities with advanced sensor systems that provide pilots with a 360 degree view of the surrounding battle space.
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An agro-industrial co-operative located in Brazil's southwest, Copagril has harvested decades of success via a savvy strategy of diversification. As the company celebrates 45 years in business, president Ricardo Sergio Chapla talks to Michael Sommers about how recent forays into poultry - and Japan - have borne profitable fruit.
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Nova Bus

Sustainably Driven

Nova Bus, a division of the Volvo Group, develops and delivers eco-friendly transit solutions to the North American market. These transit solutions comprise a range of clean-diesel, natural gas, hybridelectric and soon, 100 percent electric vehicles built to the custom specifications and needs of various transit companies and municipal authorities, at the lowest life cycle cost possible.
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Labeling of Chemicals

One way governments and regulatory agencies help facilitate international trade - and improve employee safety along the way - is through the adoption of international standards for hazard communication.
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Steady Build-Up

The heady heyday of Brazil's real estate boom may be over, but as one of the country's most rock solid - and highly reputed - construction companies, Colmeia has plenty of room to grow.
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Grupo Elizabeth

On the Tiles

Brazil's biggest manufacturer of porcelain tiles announces plans to double revenue in the next two years. Reuben Ford analyzes an approach that aligns ambition, quality and customer satisfaction.
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New Power Generation

With over 200 service centres globally, Aggreko is the world's leading supplier of temporary power generators.
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University of Missouri

Complex Carbon Nanostructures

Understanding how nanotube forests are created could lead to advancements in aerospace, mechanical and biomedical applications.
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Mariza Alimentos

Recipe for Success

Having consolidated its position as the leading food company of the Amazonian North, Mariza Alimentos is ready to take on the rest of Brazil. Founder and president Flávio Costa explains to Michael Sommers how the company's regional identity and reputation for innovation have become key ingredients in its recipe for national expansion.
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New Way Trucks

Vehicles of Efficiency

In a world inundated with not only higher levels of waste, but increased complexity of its removal as well, Scranton Manufacturing's line of New Way™ refuse trucks and equipment have continuously brought clean, practical, and durable solutions over the years to the waste removal industry, a sector characterized by its dirty jobs. Steve Engelhardt reports.
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Stepping Up

Alumasa has spent the last 30 years producing aluminum and plastic products for Brazil's civil construction sector. Now, despite a stagnant Brazilian economy, as commercial director Rodrigo Fontanella confesses to Michael Sommers, hope is on the horizon with the dawning of an "aluminum culture."
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Nippon Sharyo

Advancing Along the Rails

Nippon Sharyo USA has taken an evolutionary path to success since entering the North American market in 1982. In fact, the Japanese-owned manufacturer of passenger rail cars for the public transit sector began its operations under the direction of only a couple employees, working out of a small office in New York.
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