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The Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) consortium recently opened a new $148 million, 100,000-square-foot innovation acceleration center in Detroit to serve as its headquarters going forward. In a conversation with Industry Today, the organization's Executive Director, Lawrence E. Brown, talks about the regional and national impact he expects LIFT to have, and expands upon the importance of innovation centers like their own to the future of U.S. manufacturing. Steve Engelhardt reports.

The founding of ALMMII is the result of a unique public and private collaboration; a dynamic that is becoming increasingly present within progress made across the sector. Federally funded through the Office of Naval Research, the organization was founded through a joint partnership of the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and EWI, an independent research and development organization based in Columbus, Ohio.
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Strong Dollar Offsets Low Energy Prices

The manufacturing outlook for 2015 and 2016 calls for a minor acceleration from the 2014 growth rate, according to the MAPI Foundation's U.S. Industrial Outlook, a quarterly report that analyzes 27 major industries. The MAPI Foundation is the research affiliate of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.
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World Economic Forum

Socially Responsible Supply Chains Create Triple Advantage

A new report from the World Economic Forum identifies 31 proven practices to help companies achieve a "triple supply chain advantage" of increased revenue, a reduction in supply chain cost and added brand value. The practices also help companies shrink their carbon footprint and contribute to local development, including the health, welfare and working conditions of the communities in which they operate.
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NIST Awards $26 Million to Support Manufacturing in 10 States

The U.S. Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) today announced the award of new cooperative agreements to 10 nonprofit organizations and universities to manage Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers.
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    Milsco: Top Seating

    Milsco is the leading manufacturer of static and suspension seating solutions for motorcycles, turf care, heavy equipment and power sports vehicles. David Soyka reports on their latest innovations to make seating more comfortable, more durable and more attractive to make every ride a better ride.
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Global Outlook


Lockheed Martin

Lightning Strike

Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is a breed apart, the most technologically innovative combat aircraft that combines unsurpassed stealth and maneuverability capabilities with advanced sensor systems that provide pilots with a 360 degree view of the surrounding battle space.
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An agro-industrial co-operative located in Brazil's southwest, Copagril has harvested decades of success via a savvy strategy of diversification. As the company celebrates 45 years in business, president Ricardo Sergio Chapla talks to Michael Sommers about how recent forays into poultry - and Japan - have borne profitable fruit.
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Hot Vehicle Solutions

The Bosal Group is a leading global manufacturer of Emission Control Systems and Automobile Carrier Protection Systems for OEM and aftermarket customers, as well as a premier provider of energy conversion heat recovery systems for industrial markets.
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Southern Ionics

Elements of Innovation

It's been nearly 25 years since Southern Ionics was founded as a company, and as they near the quarter-century mark, the company is innovating and expanding like never before.
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Calçada SA

Building the Best

Look to real estate in Rio de Janeiro. Among the leading construction companies in one of the world's most exotic cities, Calçada SA has conquered the market through quality. Reuben Ford reports on building a reliable and respected brand.
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Heart of Glass

One of Brazil's biggest producers of glass packaging recently launched its third glass furnace. The $75-million investment is set to increase production by 150 percent. Reuben investigates the bottle manufacturer that's pulling out all the stops.
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Making a Difference

Times may be tough for Brazil's sugar-alcohol sector, but Denusa Destilaria, a pioneering producer of alternative ethanol fuel is fired up for the future.
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American Nuclear

Serving as the world's largest manufacturer of spent nuclear fuel canisters, Holtec International can be considered as one of the more significant and impactful players in the global nuclear industry.
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Laiterie Chalifoux

Next Generation

Chalifoux Dairy is a Quebec-based business, family-owned for nearly a century, noted for its Riviera brand of specialty cheeses. David Soyka reports on the passing of a family tradition to a fourth generation of Chalifoux who are moving aggressively to increase production capacity and expand into new categories and regions as it evolves from a product-driven company to a more market-driven enterprise.
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Elliott Equipment

Platforms of Performance

Post-war America in 1948 saw a number of electrical contractors and utility workers laboring to find ways to efficiently set poles and string power lines along many of the newly built highways across the country. Stepping up to meet this need was Richard Elliott, an industrial pioneer who subsequently developed the first truck-mounted telescoping aerial platform and crane.
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Stamp of Approval

Pentaflex serves as one of North America's emerging leaders in precision stamping for the heavy truck industry. Dave Arndt, President of Pentaflex, talks about the history of the company that led them to where they are today, the factors behind a 25 percent increase in both sales and employment over the last year, and the philosophy behind the company's greater presence and commitment to the future of not only their company, but manufacturing in general. Steve Engelhardt reports.
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Nippon Sharyo

Advancing Along the Rails

Nippon Sharyo USA has taken an evolutionary path to success since entering the North American market in 1982. In fact, the Japanese-owned manufacturer of passenger rail cars for the public transit sector began its operations under the direction of only a couple employees, working out of a small office in New York. Today, what was once a small subsidiary now employs over 600 and conducts all of its manufacturing on its own across facility in Illinois.
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