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Ernst & Young LLP

Surveillance and Behavior Analytics is Becoming Mainstream in Stemming Insider Risks

Today’s rapidly growing digital world has driven new risks in the form of internal threats that could have an adverse financial and reputational impact on an organization.
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Institute for Supply Management®

April Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®

PMI® at 50.8%
New Orders and Production Growing
Employment and Inventories Contracting
Supplier Deliveries Faster
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Many Manufacturers not Prepared to Harness Benefits of Digital Technologies Despite Plans to Invest Heavily in AI and Related Technologies

Automotive and industrial equipment companies could spend up to €220 billion in R&D over next five years to create a connected industrial workforce.
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Current Issue


First-Quarter 2016 Global Industrial Manufacturing Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis

Welcome to Assembling value, PwC’s quarterly analysis of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the industrial manufacturing (IM) sector. We are pleased to present our first-quarter 2016 summary as part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with a deeper understanding of related trends and prospects in the industry.
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Global Water Crisis

Manufacturers: Staying Afloat During Water Shortages

Increasing global competition for resources, a complex and evolving regulatory landscape and rapidly escalating climate change are coalescing to give rise to a global water crisis that the World Economic Forum has ranked as the world’s top global risk.
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Consequences of Using Non-Frozen Delivery Systems Putting Biopharmaceutical Cargo at Risk

Patient access to medicines is a key objective of the pharmaceutical industry with significant resources devoted to supply chain management and patient safety.
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