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Funding Growth: Minot’s Dynamic Rise to Prosperity

The state of North Dakota, despite its relatively remote regional position, has served as the fastest growing economy in the United States for five years in a row now, including a GDP growth of 6.3 percent achieved most recently in 2014.
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Institute for Supply Management®

September Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®

PMI® at 50.2%
New Orders, Production, and Employment Growing
Supplier Deliveries Slower
Inventories Contracting
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Bank of the West

Fraud & Security Prevention Measures

In today's interconnected world where businesses increasingly rely on data and networks, a single sophisticated cyberattack on a business can inflict as much harm as a natural disaster.
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Current Issue

Von Roll

Insulation Innovation

Von Roll is a name that has been with us for over 200 years, and the company has used this period of time to elevate and establish itself as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of electrical and thermal insulation products, systems, and services for a number of different industries.
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Raven Engineered Films

Covering the Field

Founded in 1956, Raven Engineered Films has spent the past 50-plus years building its reputation across North America and beyond as a leading producer and supplier of high-quality flexible films and sheeting to a variety of industries.
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Cascade Die Casting

Casting Away

For the last 37 years, Cascade Die Casting Group has brought complete zinc and aluminum casting solutions to the automotive industry and beyond. With multiple locations across the United States, the company has both the process capability and appropriate proximity to their customers to handle just about any need or request that comes through their doors.
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