Loftware, Inc.

How to Rev Up Efficiencies with Automotive Labeling

An enterprise-wide labeling solution, tightly integrated with existing systems unifies the entire labeling process to save time and money.

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Global Data Sciences

Technology Isn’t Always the Answer to Manufacturing Challenges

Companies need to develop a technology plan to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next to reap the reward technology offers.

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Industrial Intelligence

Identifying the Immediate ROI in the Industrial IoT

Manufacturers seek quantifiable ROI before making leap to IIoT implementation

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Stibo Systems

Machine Learning & MDM – What Manufacturers Need to Know

Modern data approaches need a solid MDM strategy as the technology serves as the backbone of machine learning and Big Data applications

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Data Conversion Laboratory

Semi-Automated Conversion Projects: Best Practices

An overview of current processes, tools and methods for mitigating problems in a conversion project for high-volume legacy materials.

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Data Conversion Laboratory

Case Study: Enhancing Marketing Asset Metadata

Proper metadata and keywording is critical in driving efficiency, cost reduction and avoidance in global marketing efforts.

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Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

How the Cold Supply Chain Can Benefit from Automation

With frigid work environments and product safety concerns, learn how the cold supply chain can benefit from automation.

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Advanced Technology Services

Transforming from PM to PdM: Why factories are making the switch

For years, Preventive Maintenance (PM) has been the gold standard in manufacturing, but new tech is proving that there’s a better way.

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GT Nexus

Convergence: The End of the Supply Chain as We Know It

The past 30 years have seen an unprecedented amount of evolution in the supply chain – driven by technology-enabled business practices.

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Absolute Logic

Security Made Easy

In the face of new regulations implemented by the state of New York earlier this year, manufacturers of all shapes and sizes – throughout the country – need to make sure their cybersecurity efforts are effective, complete, and proactive.

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The Advantages of Cloud Commerce Explored

For Manufacturers, Why Adopting Cloud-Based Solutions is a No-Brainer

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Manufacturers’ IoT Prospects Hinge on WAN Performance

Industrial IoT (IIoT) responds to changes in a manufacturer’s workflow which helps to streamline operations and improve the bottom line.

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