Simon-Kucher & Partners

Three tips to monetize digitalization

Digitalization is happening right now – and it is far more than just smart factories. It also deeply affects the commercial approach.

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Entrust Datacard

Tackling Cyber Risks in ICS IoT Ecosystems

As security risks in ICS IoT ecosystems rise, security platforms like ioTrust can help combat them and increase efficiency.

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Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Congress: Catching Up with States on Driverless Cars

Legislation is under consideration to address automated vehicles – vehicles that drive themselves with minimum supervision by a human.

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Increased Oil Flow Means Increased Dataflow

In this age of big data, someone coined the phrase: ‘data is the new oil’.

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Enabling Innovation in Industrial IT

How does a large industrial company unlock innovative solutions to legacy problems while maintaining optimal service? Embrace Digital.

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Amber Road

Going Digital: What Does it Mean?

Digital supply chains go beyond saving money — they create competitive advantages and revenue and can be achieved with a better approach.

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University of Waterloo

Additive Manufacturing: Promise, Challenges & Opportunities

University of Waterloo researchers are keeping their eyes on the prize as they work to advance industrial adoption of metal 3D printing.

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Manufacturing Sector Transforming with AI, Automation

New AI report from Infosys shows lifelong learning, reskilling viewed as critical to successful digital transformation.

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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Applied Research Partnerships Help Industry Take Flight

Experts at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology are working with industry to develop efficiency enhancing applications using data acquired by drones.

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GE Aviation

Jet Setter

Asheville, North Carolina-based GE Aviation is a world-leading jet engine maker and aerospace service systems provider. David Soyka reports on how the combination of technology and smart manufacturing grow both business prospects and the state economy.

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Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics

7 Best Practices for Applying Industrial Artificial Intelligence Bots

As experienced industrial employees leave the workforce, AI bots are filling in the gaps they leave behind. Here are some best practices.

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The EAM chain reaction: Four asset management benefits beyond the revenue cycle

Organizations are under increasing scrutiny to ensure processes are compliant, safe and sustainable, this can be a challenge to meet.

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