NeoGrid North America

Responding at the Speed of the Consumer

In the fast-paced world of retail, reliable data is the key to responding to consumer demand.

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Lean Manufacturing vs. Six Sigma: Which is Right for You?

Selecting the right approach for your business strategy can be confusing so it’s important to understand the potential for business growth.

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Data Inventions

How an App Can Boost Productivity

Manufacturers need technology that takes the complex out of their data in order to make informed operational improvements in real-time.

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Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics

Three Real life AI & IoT transformation stories in US Manufacturing

This article examines the convergence of AI and IoT and how the two together are bringing positive change to the manufacturing sector.

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPS-AMER), Inc.

Additive Age: Defining the Next Generation of Manufacturing

Paul Browning, CEO and President of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (Part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group), explains how 3D printing is emerging in "the additive age".

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Integrating GRC Can Help to Maintain Workplace Safety

Enterprise-wide risk management systems that integrate health and safety efforts reduce costs and enhance operational resiliency.

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eFileCabinet, Inc.

Information Systems Remastering the Manufacturing Industry

Multi-faceted information systems poised to benefit manufacturing industry through file sharing and compliance features.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

Enterprise Applications, iERP, and the Manufacturing Industry

In 2017, manufacturers will invest $14B on ERP and intelligent ERP systems to support integrated operations and digital transformation.

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Commerce RI

How the Smallest State Came to Have the Biggest Innovations

Rhode Island has created some of the country’s most effective economic development incentives allowing the State to build on its successes.

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Making the Most of IoT Data

Service Relationship Management makes sensor data actionable, improves uptime and helps companies realize the potential of IoT investments.

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Grant Thornton LLP

Manufacturing future relies on technology, customer service, supply chain

Manufacturers can prepare for the future by adding new technology, prioritizing customers, and tracking the shifting political landscape.

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Mayer Brown

Technological Advances Demand Innovative Supplier Relationships

To build connected and autonomous vehicles, traditional auto industry participants form new strategic alliances with tech companies.

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