Accenture Strategy

2017 Outlook for Supply Chains: Flexibility is the New Efficiency

This is the year it will no longer be good enough to just have an efficient supply chain. Companies are faced with increasing demands from customers for highly customized products and services delivered at unprecedented speed. As a result, flexibility…

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Bringing Mobility Management to the Manufacturing Industry

While typically considered a late adopter of technology, over recent years the manufacturing industry has made steps towards implementing a more digital-focused transformation in regard to mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, a recent AT&T report predicted…

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Thales Canada

The Right Signals

From its strategic position on the digital edge, Thales Canada is ideally situated to offer not just technology and products for transportation, aerospace, defence, and security markets, but also to help change mindsets and cultures. President and CEO, Mark Halinaty,…

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IDC Manufacturing

2017 Predictions for Worldwide Manufacturing

Manufacturers are going through a tremendous change – from companies that must excel in design and manufacturing and throughout their operations to companies that must excel in the way they use technology at the same time.

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Siemens Financial Services (SFS)

Helping Cities Get Smart

How “Smart Start” Private Sector Financing Can Help Our Cities Get Smart.

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InfinityQS International, Inc.

Total Recall: What is quality worth to you?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard that we are in the midst of the largest safety recall in U.S. history. Over the past few years, Takata recalled 28.8 million “exploding” airbags. That number more than doubled in…

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Leading companies are moving beyond products to create a superior connected customer experience.

Innovation Is Switching From a Product Focus to Differentiating the Customer Experience, With $1 Billion in Revenues Up for Grabs, Accenture Research Finds

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Embracing the Economy of Things

Elavon UK, a company that delivers reliable, secure, and innovative payment solutions, leveraging the world’s best technologies for its customers, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses has recently published a Whitepaper about how “Internet of Things” will shape…

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Virtual Reality & Manufacturing: Why 3D Computing is About to Revolutionize Your Business

Virtual reality and manufacturing seem about as far apart as industries can get. One deals with the creation of real, tangible objects while the other immerses the user in a limitless digital world. And yet, they both share one crucial…

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The Unlikely Heroes Keeping Your Industry Afloat

The old model of service goes something like this: sell a product and mostly forget about it (and who bought it) until you start shipping a new one. Occasionally a customer will call to complain about a malfunction, so you…

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

IDC: Digital Transformation MaturityScape Benchmark Survey

As much as we like to measure the health of the manufacturing industry based on productivity, innovation and digital transformation (or DX in short) are the benchmarks of the future. DX – using technologies to create new ways of operating…

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Driving the Automotive Industry

Kostal North America is the go-to manufacturer of a range of electronic and electrical systems for car-making giants that include Ford, Daimler, GM, VW and Audi. Lorie Greenspan finds out what has propelled the company’s growth in the competitive North…

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