Magazine Issue July 2017
University of Waterloo

Additive Manufacturing: Promise, Challenges & Opportunities

University of Waterloo researchers are keeping their eyes on the prize as they work to advance industrial adoption of metal 3D printing.

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Manufacturing Sector Transforming with AI, Automation

New AI report from Infosys shows lifelong learning, reskilling viewed as critical to successful digital transformation.

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Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council

Great Lakes – Great Wine

Michigan’s lake effect contributes to a thriving wine industry.

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Greater San Marcos Partnership

Greater San Marcos, Texas is Building the Future of Manufacturing

In the heart of the growing Austin-San Antonio “Innovation Corridor,” the Greater San Marcos region is the next frontier of manufacturing.

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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Applied Research Partnerships Help Industry Take Flight

Experts at the SAIT are working with industry to develop efficiency enhancing applications using data acquired by drones.

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Family Boater

Tennessee-based Bayliner builds recreational boats for that provide exceptional value and innovation at affordable entry-level price points.

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Progressively Poultry

Far from being one of the largest chicken and turkey feeder producers in Brazil, this company holds its own on an international scale.

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JF Máquinas

Global Farming Solutions

When two of Brazil’s leading forage equipment machinery companies merged, they formed one of the largest agricultural equipment companies.

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GE Aviation

Jet Setter

Asheville, North Carolina-based GE Aviation is a world-leading jet engine maker and aerospace service systems provider.

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New Flyer

Better Bus

New Flyer is a manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses, delivering life-cycle savings with greater fuel efficiencies and lower emissions.

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