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Magazine Issue March 2020

Looking Forward in Troubled Times

Publisher’s Letter

The spread of coronavirus has caused devastation not just to manufacturing and business in general, but to all of our daily lives.

Wellons Power

An Industry Powerhouse

As a biomass boiler OEM and EPC firm, Wellons specializes in biomass energy systems in the steam and power markets.

Design Concepts | Marine Concepts

Concepting Composites

Design Concepts/Marine Concepts is the leading source for composites design, engineering, tooling and detailed part fabrication.


Manufacturing Outlook Positive

Experts agree, the outlook for the global aerospace and defense industry looks positive for 2020 – Connecticut sees growth in the sector.

Neighborhood 91 Pittsburgh Airport

$3B Economic Impact Predicted for Airport Production Campus

Neighborhood 91 will make an impact, one manufacturer at a time.

The University of Kentucky

Turning Coal into Carbon Fiber

The University of Kentucky is transforming coal tar pitch into high-value carbon fiber for uses in cars, aircrafts and sporting goods.

McKinsey & Company

Looking Forward in Troubled Times

A digital transformation could help manufacturers move quickly when the coronavirus crisis lifts.


Tolling Drives America’s 21st Century Economy

Businesses embrace tolling as the key to reliable freight logistics.

North Carolina State University

New Support Program Seeks Broadband Success For All

BAND-NC seeks to help NC become the first state in the nation where every county has a digital inclusion plan by the end of 2022.

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