Some simple tasks to help maximize your work hours and bring added value to your organization.

Managing a manufacturing plant is no easy feat. It requires careful attention to detail and dedication. Every decision you make as a plant manager is critical to the efficiency of the workforce and overlooking even the smallest issue could be detrimental.

It’s easier said than done if you are tasked with assigning production schedules, optimizing productivity, and ensuring that all industrial assets are working properly and safety protocols are followed. Fortunately, these five simple hacks can help you maximize your work hours and bring added value to your organization:

1. Use a productivity app

Different managers have different styles of organizing their tasks. Some prefer jotting down their work schedules on a journal or planner, while others use a personal bulletin board. There are lots of ways you can plan out your tasks, but the most convenient ways involve using smartphone apps like Wunderlist or Google Keep. These come in handy if you want to write notes, prepare checklists, and set reminders for important deadlines and meetings all in one place. This will make it easier for you to focus on your priorities.

2. Limit your meetings

Meetings are great for discussing and resolving issues like production delays, the acquisition of new equipment, and the latest company policies. However, frequent meetings can actually reduce productivity. If you are going to talk about minor developments that are happening at the plant, you are better off writing memos or sending emails than spending an hour or two of your time that should have been spent on more important tasks. Unless you have critical matters to discuss, holding less meetings should help you stay productive.

3. Delegate repetitive tasks

As plant manager, you take up various roles, each no less important than the last, but there are repetitive tasks that often get in the way of accomplishing certain goals. Organizing databases, checking errors in reports, and ensuring safety compliance can be delegated to someone else who has enough free time to do so. Getting help with time-consuming tasks should give you enough leeway to focus on what matters the most.

4. Make sure your tools are in the right condition

Modern technology makes everything easier for managers in the manufacturing sector to handle. However, equipment like PCs and printers may not work 100% of the time. When your laptop constantly lags, you will experience more downtime than actual productive work. It’s always best to make sure your gadgets are working properly. Proper maintenance is needed to make sure you can work seamlessly on your computer. In addition to this, consider a Windows or Mac operating system upgrade so you can do more work uninterrupted.

Indeed, working as a plant manager is challenging in itself. You will need to stay organized and make sure that what you are doing brings value to the organization. With these tips, however, it becomes easier to get through each day knowing that you have accomplished more than you think.

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