A look at the factors involved to ensuring that you run an efficient construction site.

Running a construction site is not easy. There are many factors involved, and if it isn’t working like a well-oiled machine delays can occur. This can impact not only on programs but on financial budgets, profit margins, and can make things far more difficult for your sales teams. Here are 4 steps to running an efficient construction site.

Material procurement

If material requisitions are not completed on time, it could lead to major delays on site. The site manager must arrange everything to coincide with the construction program and ensure that any supplies needed are ordered, and thereafter, called off on time. If this doesn’t happen timeously, the build program may slip and setbacks occur. Most construction companies have contracts set up with companies like Reliable Couriers to ensure that shipments arrive on time. This also comes in handy should any last-minute supplies be required urgently on site. Having a good working relationship with external companies can make all the difference as to whether a job completes on time.

Health and Safety

The construction industry has one of the highest fatality rates of all major industries, which makes ongoing training and Health and Safety standards even more important. Make sure that your team (including sub-contractors) have been inducted and are aware of the Health and Safety policies of the company as well as those specific to the development they are working on. Walk them around the site, make them aware of any restricted areas and ensure that they are aware of the traffic management plan in place. You must ensure staff and any visitors to the site are aware of the emergency procedures in the event of a fire, and they, as well as any staff, must sign in and out when they enter or leave the site.

PPE gear

PPE gear is essential to the running of an efficient construction site. Anyone visiting or working on site has to wear it to protect them and others from accidents occurring. Reflective jackets make staff more visible which is very important when working with machinery. If someone is walking around a site with lots of construction traffic, injuries can easily occur. Hard hats protect from falling objects as do steel toe boots. If anyone is found not wearing PPE gear when necessary, they can be asked to leave the site immediately.

Construction program

A construction program is very strategically put together in conjunction with engineers, architects, surveyors, and various other industry professionals. It allows an at a glance look at where each element of construction should be at by any given date. Each stage is noted, and a timeline added to accommodate how long it will ordinarily take. There is usually a contingency added to accommodate any unforeseen issues. A construction program is used by many different departments. Sales staff use it to ensure clients are being given the correct information about completion dates and finance departments use it when a re-forecast needs to be carried out. It is a crucial piece of information essential to running an efficient construction site.

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