Content Marketing Can Spark Interest From Consumers On Products And The Translation Can Boost Its Success On A Specific Target Audience., Industry Today
Content marketing can spark interest from consumers on products and the translation can boost its success on a specific target audience.

August 13, 2019

If you’re done working on your marketing content and have put it into action in your native language, believe me, you are not done yet. You need to work out how you’re going to develop an effective international content marketing strategy in order to take things to the next level. Thankfully, with these five handy tips, you’ll have a great head start.

Translate, rewrite or ditch?

A regularly updated blog that shows off your knowledge and your product is a great starting point for an international content marketing strategy. However, not everything in the content marketing world is that straightforward – you can’t simply translate every blog post and hope for the best.

Instead, it’s time to write a list:

  • List of blog posts that will work beautifully if directly translated and published with no further work.
  • List of articles that will need to be either partially or fully rewritten in the target language.
  • List is of posts that simply won’t translate.

If you have a blog post that simply describes your product, including what it does and who it’s for, that should translate easily.

If you have a blog post that includes lots of statistics relevant to your own country, showing why your product is needed, that will probably need to be rewritten based on fresh statistics that relate to the target country.

If you have a post that is linked to an event in your country and there isn’t an equivalent in your target market, it’s probably best to ditch that article entirely.

A good translation and localization professional can help with this task. They can spot elements of your content that won’t work for the target audience. Talk to your translation agency about the localization services that they offer as part of your content marketing campaign.

Tackling keyword research in translation

An important part of multilingual content marketing is keyword research. If you’re not targeting the right keywords, your content may well fail to serve its intended purpose.

Simply translating your content won’t suffice here. The keyword that helped you rank in one country might not work in another.

A professional translation service can be a great help here. It can undertake keyword research with you in order to identify the terms that you should be focusing on.

They can also then work these into the copy as part of the translation process, working closely with you to keep your content SEO friendly.

Create a perfect social media post

Another key strand of your content marketing strategy is social media. There are various ways in which you can ensure that your content marketing is spot on when it comes to social networking sites.

Professional translation services should have no problem helping you to prepare content for posting on social media in this way.

Additionally, they can help to convey the right tone for your business. If you’ve put time and energy into developing your tone of voice in one language, it makes sense to do the same in other languages.

A localization expert can help you recognize different tones of voice that are appropriate to different countries. In some cultures, for example, using humor in a business scenario can help boost levels of engagement with your brand, while it is not on the others.

A good localization company can advise on the suitability of any images that you plan to post on social media, reviewing them through the eyes of the target audience and flagging up any concerns arising from cultural, moral, religious or any other kind of differences.

An Important Part Of Multilingual Content Marketing Is Keyword Research. If You’re Not Targeting The Right Keywords Your Content May Well Fail To Serve Its Intended Purpose., Industry Today
An important part of multilingual content marketing is keyword research. If you’re not targeting the right keywords your content may well fail to serve its intended purpose.

Focus on which social media sites to use

According to the World Map of Social Networks, Facebook is the most popular social network in 92% of the planet’s countries. That said, there is still plenty of competition to be the second most popular social network and this honor varies greatly from one country to another.

As such, mapping out whether you should be focusing on what platform should be dictated by the countries that you plan to conquer with your content marketing activity.

Using translation services to help with guest posting

Guest posting is an important part of content marketing strategies. If you plan to write guest posts, use a translator to help you craft each pitch perfectly and really engage the attention of the sites that you are approaching for opportunities.

You can then use the same individual to translate and localize each guest post that you write so that it appears to have been written in the site’s native language. Localizing your marketing campaigns is the key to boost the success of your multilingual marketing efforts.

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