How to participate and connect with your audience.

If you are running an online business, your primary goal would of course be attracting more visitors to your website to increase your business. The more visitors are redirected to your website, the more it increases the possibility of translation to business customers. In short, you need to toil hard to drive more traffic to your website for better conversion prospects.

There are n number of ways to drive more traffic but wasting your time on hit and trial methods is tedious. Here are 6 proven ways that will surely drive more traffic to your website –

  1. Target trending and relevant content
    This is the most timeless technique, which is used by 91% of organizations worldwide for marketing as of June ‘19. It involves creating and spreading relevant and steady content to retain and engage a niche audience and drive profits focusing on long term results.

    A short spike in traffic won’t do you any good long term. Instead focusing on trending content will make sure your website attracts the right audience that stays loyal and attracts inbound traffic by engagement.

  2. Website Traffic Guest Blogging, Industry TodayPublish guest posts for outreach
    Guest posting or blogging is basically publishing original and meaningful content on someone else’s website as a guest blogger. This is a great way of building long lasting relationships with consumers who want to hear more from an expert in their niche and build trust in the authenticity of your brand.

    As a guest blogger, you can place inbound links in your post to your own website to increase traffic for your own website. Take advantage of guest blogging to give the readers another chance to view your content as an outreach project for your SEO strategy.

  3. Utilise Social Media fully
    54% of ‘Social Browsers’ use social media to research products and 74% of customers recommend the business on social media platforms if their experience is pleasant. These numbers are testament to the power these platforms hold in the lives of millennials and the way businesses can utilise it to increase website traffic.
    Website Traffic Social Media, Industry Today
    Maintaining social media presence can help in building brand awareness with current as well as potential customers and gives them an open platform to engage with the brand and learn relevant facts for building positive word of mouth. Providing backlinks to your own website through these channels can help drive immense traffic quickly.
  4. Create engaging infographics
    Writing long, brooding paragraphs doesn’t look attractive anymore. You don’t want a visitor to doze off while scrolling through your website. To make your content more appealing, try creating relatable infographics to depict your research or data. 56% of businesses use infographics and 84% of them find it a useful tool for SEO.

    Easy to comprehend, infographics instantly hook in the viewer and improve information retention. These shareable, well-defined images can bring in loads of new traffic for your website as they are shared easily.

  5. Record testimonials
    Website Traffic Record Testimonials, Industry Today
    If you have been in the market for long, you must have had the privilege of serving a lot of customers. Some of them may have appreciated your service and left genuine reviews to praise your brands. 91% millennials trust online testimonials which can be leveraged heavily for your website. Most commonly, they add a link to your site without even asking them to do so. Showcasing these testimonials builds trust credibility for your brand and drives organic traffic directly to your website.
  6. Participate and connect with your audience
    Creating your brand’s digital profiles on various business listings, industry directories and review sites can give you the opportunity to post a backlink to your website. These links promote your brand as well established and high quality.

    This is also quite helpful in case your business is genuinely participating in discussion boards on these digital community platforms. It can even drive new traffic to your business if the engagement is active with users. The audience genuinely sees you as being an active reader of their concerns.

Focusing on these proven methods can expand the reach of your business to attract more visitors and increase engagement with no limitation of geographical or other boundaries. It also helps in bringing in a more qualified and niche audience pertinent to your expertise. The mentioned strategies can take your Business to scale new heights if aptly used.

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