For many industrial and manufacturing companies, it’s challenging to generate new leads among niche audiences. In a recent campaign for Johns Manville, a leading manufacturer of insulation and roofing products, we used a strategic media approach that more than doubled their target registrations for two upcoming webinars.

Since this approach would help other industrial and manufacturing companies, an article on the program would likely be of interest to your readers.

Johns Manville’s target audiences for the webinars were narrow: mechanical engineers, industrial insulation contractors and facilities managers in verticals including energy, beverage and oil and gas. Since the content of the webinars was as niche as the audiences, the challenge was to attract the right people.

The 90octane Audience Engagement Team researched the target audiences and designed an integrated strategy to reach them using a channel mix based on their online activity and job titles.

We used LinkedIn, direct publisher media placements and site retargeting to target prospects based on job data, and LinkedIn group targeting and paid media newsletter placements to target prospects based on their online engagement. Finally, we used paid search to target prospects researching solutions to insulation problems related to the webinar content. Why? Because by matching the messaging to the channel based on the purchase stage that typically corresponds to that channel, we’re increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Results: We registered more than double our client’s goal of 200 people per webinar:

Registrant benchmark: 75

Registrant goal: 200

Registrations for “Corrosion Under Insulation:” 514

Registrations for “Chilled Water:” 430

Key Learnings

  • Getting results requires doing the research to determine where your key audience members spend time online and how to best connect with them.
  • Targeted ads in third party publications were the most effective way to drive a high volume of leads in a short period of time (In this case, 2-3 weeks, since most people register for an event in the weeks leading up to it).
  • Improving conversion rates requires a user-experience driven, responsive landing page.

“I was most impressed with the strategic thinking that 90octane’s media team brought to the table,” said Patrick Farrell, Senior Marketing Manager at Johns Manville. “They choreographed an integrated program and got our story in front of key audiences that are hard to find.”

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