Volume 5 | Issue 2 | Year 2002

Every new parent’s nightmare is having their newborn baby incorrectly identified and mistaken for another family’s baby. Although rare, these disturbing stories make news and help raise awareness of the importance of maintaining proper patient identification while they are hospitalized. No one understands these concerns more acutely than Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) of San Fernando, California.

PDC was founded in Burbank in 1956 by young entrepreneurs, one of who, Dr. Walter Mosher, continues to serve as the company’s president. Since it opened its doors for business, PDC quickly established itself as a technologically advanced manufacturer of wristband ID for the healthcare market.

Today, the internationally renowned leader of wristband ID continues to develop new markets and diverse applications with its leading-edge technology. PDC’s three major international markets include hospital/healthcare, law enforcement, and entertainment/recreation.

Smart Band®
RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is one of today’s most advanced methods of precise and efficient identification. In wristband identification, RFID has already proven to be an invaluable tool. PDC’s president Dr. Walter Mosher believes that within the next few years RFID technology will supplant bar coding in numerous applications and markets. “The cost of RFID tags has come down to the point where businesses in our niche markets cannot afford to be without our products,” he states. Marketed as the “new wave in ID wristbands,” PDC’s Smart Band RFID wristbands meet this need. Daniel Hobin, marketing communic-ations manager at PDC, testifies to the upsurge of interest in Smart Band, adding that the product is drawing strong coverage in a wide array of publications—from healthcare, to entertainment, to security and corrections.

The Smart Band uses an RFID microchip and antenna allowing over-the-air, non-contact, non-line-of-sight interfacing; thus information included in the microchip can be retrieved at any time using RFID scanners. Data can even be read and written through clothing and bed coverings.

Electronic “Wrist Wallet”
In entertainment and recreation applications, the Smart Band is a powerful method of access control, while providing cashless purchases. The product has been tested and will be ready for application this year at an entertainment theme park in Rockford, Illinois. Magic Waters Park will use the Smart Band for its Splash Cash® wristband ID, which patrons will use in place of cash to make purchases throughout the park. “Patrons can literally wear their money on their wrists to pay for items in the park, so it greatly reduces the incidences of cash handling,” says James Bensman, market development manager for Smart Band.

The band also allows Magic Waters to ID patrons and control access to various areas within the park. The water-resistant wristband is designed with a one-time-use snap that prevents transferability – a critical measure that maximizes security while preventing scalping and unauthorized access. From a marketing point of view, the advantages of Smart Band include the creation of promotional messages on the bands and the collection of extensive and valuable demographic information.

PDC’s wristbands are used by large venues, such as major sports events (including the Super Bowl and Olympics), festivals, and concerts, which depend on PDC products to help provide access control and security to the thousands of people attending them. For example, if a venue wants to section off an over-21 event where alcohol will be served, it can distribute wristbands to ID patrons based on age and so prevent underage participants from entering these areas. Wristband ID also increases the flow of patron traffic, helping lines move more quickly. Entertainment venues also benefit from other PDC products serving their market, including tickets, ultra-violet admission systems, and promotional acrylic drinkware.

More Than 45 Years of Quality and Service
An ISO-9001-certified company, PDC employs 550 people. The company invests in its employees by offering them numerous opportunities for growth, training, charity, and community service. Its corporate headquarters in San Fernando totals more than 78,000 square feet and includes office, manufacturing, and laboratory facilities. It operates another manufacturing plant in Belleville, Kansas, and a warehouse facility in Pacoima, California.

“Precision Dynamics makes a conscientious effort to stay at the forefront of new technology and manufacturing processes,” says Dan Ojeda, director of operations. “Although we offer products for both medical and general use, we require all our products to meet the same ISO-specified quality standards. Our enrollment, participation, and dedication in quality programs are major components that differentiate PDC from our competition.”

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