Volume 5 | Issue 4 | Year 2002

Judging by the size and success of a company like Dayton Superior, one might not guess that it started as a small venture nearly 100 years ago.

In 1911. Dayton/Richmond Concrete Accessories began its famed existence in Brooklyn, N.Y. under the direction of Julian Richmond. At that time, Richmond was marketing the original concrete screw anchor.

Fast forward to 1982. A major acquisition took place when Dayton Sure-Grip and Shore Co. of Miamisburg, Ohio purchased the Superior Concrete Accessories Company. This marriage of companies created the Dayton Superior Corporation and caused a ripple-effect of expanding products and services that continues to reach across the country and world, to this day.“Our rapid growth and expanding product base has made Dayton Richmond the leader in our market,” boasts Vice President of Marketing Jack Paine. “All of our platforms complement each other so well, that we can provide completely comprehensive concrete construction, restoration, accessory products and services to our customers.”

All For One

The ‘platforms’ that Paine speaks of are the separate companies that fall under the Dayton Superior umbrella. Acquisitions have become an art form for this aggressive corporation, having obtained 16 companies in just the last nine years.

“Most of the companies we acquired during this rapid growing phase, already had an established identity,” explains Paine. “It was because of their solid reputations that we decided to allow the companies to function as separate entities, while falling under the management of the Dayton Superior umbrella.”

It seems to be the freedom that comes with some autonomy that has allowed the various platforms of Dayton Superior to function so well. This freedom has inspired new product development through ingenuity. The combined history of the five core companies that make up Dayton Superior, represent more than 500 years of concrete construction products and services. Today, the Dayton, Ohio-based company employs 2,400 people.

The Platforms

Dayton Richmond is the company arm that produces cutting edge concrete accessories with a focus on new construction. The company has manufacturing facilities in Miamisburg, Ohio; Birmingham, Ala.; Tremont, Pa.; Packer, Ariz., and Seattle, Wash.

Among the countless quality products offered by Dayton Richmond are anchors, inserts, bridge deck forming products, flat slab products, light forming assistance and pre-cast concrete products. Lifting systems, along with rebar splicing products and tilt-up construction, round out the list of comprehensive products.

Adding to this impressive line is a series of exciting new products that Dayton Richmond currently is introducing and marketing. Jack Paine has high expectations for them.

“The first launch will be a new plastic bar support or SBU (slab bolster upper),” he says. “In the past, SBUs have been made from steel. This product provides a higher level of performance without the corrosive properties of steel.”

“We’re also excited about a new reinforcing steel splicing product called Grip Tec,” Paine replies. “It’s a much stronger system that will develop the ultimate capacity of the reinforcing steel.”

Also on the agenda is a star insert, made of zinc that also is resistant to corrosion. A high-capacity CCL strand chuck unit also is slated for a 2002 debut.

The Symons Corporation is undoubtedly the U.S. leader in concrete form manufacturing. It offers a complete line of concrete forming systems to assure a faster, safer, easier and more cost-effective job. Located in Des Plaines, Ill and New Braunfels, Texas, the core product line includes formwork and shoring for almost any type of concrete structure.

The company’s list of more than 25 separate concrete forming systems includes steel ply, the world’s most popular modular forming system. While concrete forming may be Symons’ specialty, it isn’t the only service in which the company has made itself an expert. Other systems include Steel-Ply®, which can be used from the simplest handset foundations to gangform pours. Max-A-Form® combines labor-savings benefits of modular forming with the strength of an all-steel design. Symons Silver® is a lightweight aluminum system designed for productive low-wall forming. StreetSmart® is a reusable forming system ideally suited for applications that include sidewalks, driveways, curbs and gutters. Design-Crete® is a concrete stamping system that changes ordinary concrete into an exceptional architectural design element and Spray-Rite® is designed to aesthetically resurface existing concrete.

Symons manufactures a complete line of liquids, cements, epoxies and polymers for the most difficult jobs. Also available is a unique array of decorative concrete systems in exciting colors and textures.

Dayton Superior Specialty Chemical is located in Long Beach, Calif.; Birmingham, Ala.; Kansas City, Mo.; Allentown, Pa., and Centralia, Ill. The company is the leading manufacturer in chemical solutions for concrete construction and repair projects.

Paine explains the one reason for the success of Dayton Superior Specialty Chemical. “Aside from their top notch products, they are backed by one of the largest distributor networks in the construction industry and a support system of more than 20 factory service centers. This kind of loyalty shows people believe in our products.”

The product line includes coatings, sealers, curing compounds, liquid hardeners, cleaners, strippers and bonding agents. Some of the cement based products also manufactured are grouts, repair mortars, along with epoxies, urethanes, stains and colors.

Dur-O-Wal, located in Aurora, Ill., has been the masonry reinforcement expert for over 60 years. An innovator in the field, Dur-O-Wal has developed many state-of-the-art systems for moisture control, seismic applications, masonry connection and repair.

Products include wall reinforcements, ties, anchors, seismic combs, weep holes, flashing and expansion joints. The high standards of ongoing testing assure the best quality products and performance from Dur-O-Wal.

American Highway Technology (AHT) is based in Kankakee, Ill.; Parsons, Kan.; Modesto, Calif., and Birmingham, Ala. AHT’s standards of service have become the barometer for all other highway pavement product suppliers. One only has to look at its client list to see that.

From highways and city streets to airport runways and parking lots, AHT technology is everywhere. Their engineers are constantly pushing the envelope to develop even higher performing load transfer products for concrete pavement.

One of the company’s newest forays has been into custom powder coatings. Its electrostatic system means no waste in materials while prolonging the life of steel reinforcement.

Built to Last

With a bright future ahead, and more acquisitions planned, Dayton Superior is destined to remain a construction industry pacesetter. Given the strength of its products and its corporate structure, it looks like Dayton Superior is built to last.

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