4 different types of access equipment used in construction.

When it comes to construction sites, plenty of access equipment including lifts, platforms, and access towers are needed to safely work at height. You can hire different types of access equipment to smoothly reach challenging workspaces. Read the article to learn common types of access equipment used in construction:

Scissor Lift

Scissor lift is an aerial work platform that is greatly used on the construction sites to reach difficult heights. Scissor lift machines are not only for outdoor construction tasks but are also useful for indoor maintenance tasks. Scissor lift is more functional as compared to boom lift because the latter can only extend vertically. However, a scissor lift is correctly supported by criss-cross braces. These braces are beneficial to extend in the upward direction. Scissor lift comes typically with a large platform that can be significantly used to carry many workers. The platform can also be used to lift heavy material. Scissor lift machine is a suitable option for construction sites that need to raise multiple laborers at an elevated level.

Scissor lifts are perfectly designed to move in the upward & downward directions. Scissor lift hire services in Melbourne are available if you’re looking for powered equipment to reach areas on a construction site that are high.


MEWP is short for the mobile elevated work platform. It is a mechanical device that is considered the most cost-effective option for many construction activities. MEWP is a lightweight and compact aerial machine that works well to support laborers for heightened tasks. Some MEWP models can be conveniently loaded and unloaded by a single person. Usually, a MEWP platform can offer striking working height to smoothly reach to a workspace. Because MEWP lifts have compact structures, they can feasibly be employed in the construction areas and workspaces where other access platforms cannot reach.

Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is an aerial device that comes under the umbrella of an aerial work platform. This equipment places laborers at the edge of a crane due to quick access to a workspace. As you already have an idea that a scissor lift is used to lift a worker vertically. It can only be moved in two directions. Contrarily, a cherry picker can be used to move workers in multiple directions for mobile access to a workspace. It is well-suited for tasks, such as maintenance, inspections, and repair work. This heavy equipment is well-accepted to work on buildings. It can work great with heights and reach the unusual tight spaces. Any construction site that requires safe and mobile access to non-routine activities can surely benefit from this powered platform.

Mobile Access Tower

A mobile access tower is also called a ‘mobile scaffold tower.’ It is a height access equipment that is used for indoor and outdoor constructions. Due to heights, it is risky to work on a mobile access tower. Therefore anyone who operates on it has to receive preliminary training. In 2005, Work at Height Resolution was passed to address this issue. As per the regulation, workers are compelled to attend HSE approved PASMA scaffold tower training course. Generally, a mobile access tower is 1 meter tall and can go up to 5 times that height, and this can lead to serious injury if the worker has failed to attend a training.

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