Volume 13 | Issue 1 | Year 2010

In the complex world of engineering services, companies are striving to acquire the latest machinery, techniques and equipment in order to secure valuable contracts in an aggressive industry. MCE is no exception to the rule in its pursuit of mechanical excellence, but differentiates its range of services through a highly developed integrated management system. “Like many other electromechanical engineering and maintenance companies, we prioritize investment in technology. However, technology at MCE also means completely computerized management of our processes, from production to delivery,” says CFO Frederico Augusto Arantes Machado.
Investment in the integrated management system began in 2001. The system, called TOTVS, is Latin America’s largest developer of application software, the world’s ninth-biggest ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) developer and the leader in emerging markets. It has reduced costs, increased efficiency in the production, and avoided manufacturing waste, ultimately creating a larger penetration in MCE’s respective markets. The company offers complete production planning and control solutions to its customers, providing full support at all stages of engineering and production.

“Technology is summed up in effective state-of-the-art management. All of our services are integrated, and we aim to provide a one-stop-shop of industrial engineering services to our clients,” explains Machado.

MCE is the result of unifying a number of services under one recognizable brand. The company can be defined by its four market sectors: construction and electromechanical assembling projects, industrial engineering planning and maintenance services, maintenance contracts and specialized services. All over Brazil, MCE is an active part of the engineering and construction, mining, paper and cellulose, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and steelwork markets. The scope of services carried out at the plants includes mechanical work, piping and furnace construction and maintenance and electrical engineering.

One of MCE’s many unique qualities is its ability to offer a dynamic service structure that can be set up where the client requires. The mobile planning and maintenance services are a result of extensive experience in the market and studies that confirm the safety and quality of on-site projects. Such services include the installation of strategic planning teams, communication and support information technology and the evaluation of necessary equipment and resources.

General maintenance contracts for clients in a broad range of industries are based on effective and safe solutions. Maintenance of its clients’ machinery, analyzing risk points and suggesting and implementing technological improvements are some of the management services offered by MCE under fixed contracts. “Our clients experience an increase in productivity, and even better results as well as being able to count on our complete dedication and expertise,” Machado says.

MCE also manufactures small- and medium-scale equipment for the specific requirements of its customers. The company has recently invested in a high-level furnace exactly for this purpose. Together with a specialized soldering department, MCE can produce heat exchangers and pressurized vessels for equipment parts in a range of metals such as aluminum, alloys, nickel and titanium.

Aside from the implementation of the integrated management system, MCE has also invested constantly in its operational facilities. The construction of the 25,000-square-meter company headquarters in Camaçari, Bahia, in 1993 sparked a continuous search for the best technology to improve productivity and quality of service. By 2000 the company had already opened its subsidiary in Jundiai, São Paulo, was ISO 9000 certified and had invested in over 30,000 training hours for staff.

“Since 2002 we have really consolidated our plants. We are extremely strong in assembly, production and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, thanks to specialized machinery at our facilities, along with our fully trained and qualified workforce,” says Machado. In Camaçari, MCE has invested $700,000 in a spool factory for the manufacture and assembly of tubes, connections and piping. The factory uses innovative production techniques to minimize the difficulties of assembling tubing in the field, which can also be applied on site if necessary.

MCE is also a pioneer in conducting specific engineering services such as pipe installation or removal of heat exchangers. The wireless, hydraulic machinery necessary for this process originates from Holland and today, MCE is the only company in Brazil to possess the technology. Constantly searching the international market for the latest developments is an important part of the complete service offered by the company. A partnership with British firm Hi-Force enables MCE to carry out torquing (rotation movement force engineering) operations for specific machinery. Says Machado, “2010 will bring even more developments in our services, which can- not be divulged as yet, but promise to revolutionize the Brazilian market.”

The detailed and complex services provided by MCE depend on highly skilled and trained professionals. The group employs 2,800 people across its four business areas, each of which has analysts who are responsible for researching and developing new technology in the sector. “Our extensive range of services is consolidated under the MCE brand. Our clients can depend on us for all of their engineering needs, no matter how detailed, and this is our goal,” Machado says. No other company in the industry offers the same spectrum of services as MCE, which is an important differential for the group. Together with the level of competence of staff, integrated management system and efficiency of the company, competitors are at a distinct disadvantage.

With recent problems caused by the economic crisis, MCE’s mix of services and commitment to honoring agreements on time, independent of circumstances, have greatly assisted the company in its continued success. “At the end of 2008, when it was clear that many clients were being affected by the difficulties, we adjusted our strategy accordingly, with business from national companies compensating for multinationals in Brazil,” explains Machado. The crisis interrupted MCE’s average 50 percent annual growth, but by the second semester of 2009 sales were already rising at a satisfactory rate, and the company is confident that the growth will continue.

An uncompromising commitment to the complete satisfaction of its clients’ needs is an outstanding testament to MCE’s success in the mechanical engineering sector. The company has a solid financial and competitive position in the market and is highly skilled in a broad range of detailed and complex services. The dynamic approach, positive outlook and ambitious plans for the future promise that MCE will continue to be synonymous with efficient electromechanical solutions.

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