United Car Care reveals seven must-use tactics to power down your auto insurance premiums.

Auto insurance is an unavoidable cost of driving, but there’s no need to be taken for a ride by your insurer. In this article, United Car Care offers seven effective ways to reduce the cost of your premiums while still getting the car insurance you need.

  1. Be a Thoughtful Shopper

Auto insurance companies compete aggressively with each other, and it pays to spend some time doing comparative shopping among companies. Whether you call or visit local agents or shop online, you should get quotes from several insurers to be able to evaluate the best deal available to you. Some independent agents are able to give you multiple quotes from different companies. Remember that price is not the only consideration. Ask friends and family about their experiences with different companies and check out a company’s reputation for customer service and financial stability as well.

  1. Build and Maintain a Strong Credit Record

Most large insurers use customer credit ratings and history when pricing car insurance. Companies generally find that people with solid credit are less likely to have auto claims. Strong credit gives you much more flexibility in obtaining the best possible rate. Learn how to check your credit history and correct any errors that impact your rating. Consider credit counseling as another pathway to establishing a solid credit rating.

  1. Research Insurance Costs Before You Buy a Car

A huge factor in auto insurance pricing is the car being insured. Insurance companies consider retail car prices, average repair expenses after collisions, and safety records when pricing insurance policies. Cars that are rated as theft risks are also usually more expensive to insure. Some insurance companies offer rate discounts for security and anti-theft features on some vehicles. Before you purchase a new or used vehicle, conduct some research on the typical insurance costs for any car you are considering.

  1. Price the Right Deductible for Your Needs

The deductible for an auto policy is the amount you must pay on a claim before coverage applies. Pricing policy with higher deductibles can reduce your monthly premium costs. Moving a deductible up from the $250 range to $500 or $1,000 can reduce premiums by up to 40 percent. However, remember that the tradeoff is that you will need to have the deductible payment available in the event of a claim.

  1. Consider a Driving Safety Course

Insurance companies pay great attention to your driving record when pricing a policy. If you have any issues in this area, ask whether discounts are available for completing a defensive driving or safety course. Be sure that you understand what courses a company will accept for discounts and check the pricing carefully. If a course costs more than potential savings over more than a year or so, it may not make economic sense.

  1. Find Out About Monitoring Device Discounts

Several large insurers are using mobile technology to monitor driving and vehicle use behavior. If you agree to install such a device on your car, an insurance company might substantially reduce premium costs, either initially or over time. A monitoring device can check on speed, stopping and starting times, and turning efficiency and speed. Learning how to adapt to the device can lead to safer driving and lower coverage costs.

  1. Determine Whether You Can Obtain Group Coverage

Some insurers provide coverage at lower rates to members eligible for a group plan. Depending on the company, eligible groups can include employers, professional associations, and alumni groups. If you are a member of any possibly eligible group, ask if there are any particular insurance companies the group works with.

About United Car Care
United Car Care is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company that offers vehicle service contracts that provide reliable protection at an affordable cost. Customers who are looking for quality mechanical protection for their vehicles enjoy the security of United Car Care’s product which is backed by an A-rated insurer. United Car Care is proud of the fact that they have had over a million satisfied customers as well as many long-time relationships with their dealers and agents. These relationships are a true testimonial to United Car Care’s core values: quality, dependability, and customer service.

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