September 12, 2018


Many manufacturing companies balk at the upfront costs of automated barcode data collection, but a look at manual data entry reveals hidden costs that can be significantly reduced by automation. Production managers constantly seek ways to measure and positively impact efficiency and costs. Automated data collection does this in several ways at a cost that is repaid over time.

Automated barcode software improves efficiency in a manufacturing environment through real-time reporting that allows easier and faster identification of inefficiencies. One example of this is inventory. Performing this task via barcode scanning is faster than manual counting and recording and eliminates inaccuracies resulting from human error. This in itself improves efficiency and reduces cost by allowing more accurate ordering, less waste, and prevention of overstock. Automated data collection takes this elimination of human error beyond inventory and into all of your processes. There are no more mistakes from handwriting that is difficult to read, or from inexperienced or multi-tasking employees.

Automation also cuts supply costs and is good for the environment. Supplies required for manual record keeping are no longer necessary. Paper records are now on a computer, saving storage space, which can impact required office and warehouse space and leasing costs.

Automating how employees report their working time simplifies analysis of hours worked by various departments and at various pay levels. The simplified and faster production of this data means you can more quickly compare this data to other company data and identify possible changes to work schedules or staffing levels that will improve efficiency.

The cost of an investment in automated data collection pales in comparison to the immediate reduction of other costs and immediate improvements in efficiency. It’s an investment that will more than pay for itself in the long run.

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