Run a background check on yourself to see what information about you have been made available publicly.

The background check tools we’re going to discuss in this article are not the same as police checks and credit checks. They use public databases to find information about people. If you want to see what information about you has been made available publicly, running a background check on yourself is the most effective way to do that. It’s always best to go into an interview prepared. We review the best background check tools, including HireRight, UnMask, Intelius, Checkpeople, and Peoplefinder.


HireRight is a specialized employment check service and the best background check provider hands down. They offer services in 22 languages and screen in about 200 countries. To verify information, they use government and other high-quality sources. The company has ISO 27001 APAC and EMEA certification.

HireRight’s services are automatically tailored to make sure verification and search processing complies with local laws. They will give you support and tools to help you stay abreast of regulatory changes so you know where you stand as a job candidate at any given time. The company has been on the market for half a century, making it the first background check service.


Intelius provides all basic background information, including any education-related data. You can subscribe to receive all current data or simply sign up to get a single report. The tool has some very useful visualization features. Its checks are relatively exhaustive, providing financial information, criminal history, and the customary information on addresses. The tool presents findings in graph form so you can see how they are connected.


Your prospective employer is very likely to run a check from a site they find on This site is very popular with recruiters who want to confirm claims made during interviews, certificates, degrees, and other things on a person’s resume. What is more, the number of non-professional and personal uses of Unmask is on the rise. This tool will help ease your concerns over what your employer may find.

US Search

US Search is comprehensive, user-friendly, and relatively affordable. It features current data and well-priced reporting as well as reliable search options. If you like rudimentary sites, this is the best option for you. Rather than investing in web design, the tool has directed its budget to make thorough search possibilities possible. It is excellent value for money.


Checkpeople is a great option for those who are having trouble comprehending the public records system. This is no longer a deterrent to finding information about yourself before an interview as long as it is publicly available. With this tool, performing an advanced search is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Running a check on yourself is not the only use you can make of Checkpeople. The service can track down an old classmate or former coworker, check your new neighbor, partner, or roommate’s past, and verify sellers’ and buyers’ identity online. This is of paramount importance because a customer always needs to make sure they’re doing business with a legitimate entity.

The service searches all public records, including arrest records, without limitation. You don’t need to enter anything else apart from your first and last name. It will help to enter any cities and states you’ve lived in if you have a common name or if you have the same name as a famous person.

Been Verified

Been Verified is an accurate, reliable, and affordable background check tool. It is excellent for checking employment history by all accounts. On the downside, it has no individual reporting option. That means you need to subscribe. However, its packages are very well-priced and get all the basics right. You can choose between a three-month lump sum or a recurring one-month subscription.


Last but not least, PeopleFinders is a comprehensive and reliable tool that picks up data quite a few of its counterparts miss. For instance, it can give you valuable information about your prospective employer, like any other companies they own or are affiliated with. One disadvantage is that it can’t access social media data. If you are going to need a check tool for a longer period of time, this is relatively a very affordable option.

Final Thoughts

While it is not hard to access public records from one single state, collecting data nationwide or from abroad is quite a challenge. It is critical to choose the right background check company for this reason. You never know what information (and from where) your potential employer may come across. There are lots of unreliable people lookup services that fail to deliver accurate data. Employers are wise to them and choose quality providers, such as those we’ve reviewed in this article.

These tools are comprehensive and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises during your interview if you opt for any one of them. If your potential employer has run an unofficial background check on you, be aware that this is not necessarily legal.

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