You can’t get profitable results or conversion if your ads don’t have audience engagement.

Facebook advertising is one of the best performing advertising platforms, and marketers bank their trust on this channel for significant results. Facebook ads are high performing and affordable. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small-sized business or an MNC; Facebook ads can significantly uplift your business results.

Facebook ads are reliable, but the tricky part is ad optimization. You can’t get profitable results or conversion if your ads don’t have audience engagement. Your ads should be best to have the most audience exposure and engagement, generating tons of leads, and conversions.

You need to work on your ad campaigns to have the best relevance score and audience engagement.

Here are some best practices to make your Facebook ads more engaging so that you can have high conversions and meet your business goal.

Target the Right Audience

Your Facebook ads can’t have enough engagement if your ads are showing to an irrelevant audience. You have to be precise while audience selection to target the potential customers only and have decent traction on your ads. Facebook provides advanced audience selection options so that only your prospects view your ads, reducing the CPC, and increasing the engagement.

Facebook has various users’ information. That’s why it allows you to filter the ad audience according to different demographics like age, sex, location, employment status, education, marital status, hobby, etc.

Moreover, Facebook also has three audience target options: Core audience, Custom audience, and Lookalike audience. So, target the right audience for your ads to have significant engagement.

Keep Your Texts Quick Scannable

People quickly scan their feed, and if you use long text, you’ll fail to deliver your message to the customers, resulting in no engagement and conversion. You need to be compact and meaningful so that users can quickly know your offerings and make the suitable action.

People don’t intend to read the long text on Facebook, and you have to be short to make your followers engage with your ads and convert. There is no limit; just make sure you deliver your message entirely, most crisply and compactly.

Limit the Text on Images

Facebook recently announced that they are ditching the less than 20% text in image criteria during ad approval. However, you should still follow it. If we consider the users, then images with less text hold the user’s attention more than the images with more text. When you use images, you should focus on telling your story through visuals only; try keeping the text in caption only. Only use the limited text if required to become more engrossing and make your users engage with your ads.

Align Your Caption with Image or Visual

It’s crucial to use images or videos in ads, as visuals effectively hold the user’s attention and engage them. So, you should always consider visuals instead of plain text ads. Now, the second most important thing is your text ad copy should align with the image’s message. The intent of both image and text should be the same to stimulate the conversion. Hence, make your ad focus on a single goal so you can have better engagement and conversion.

Employ Video Ads

People love videos; videos help people to grab more information in a short and most entertaining way. Videos have better engagement than other content formats, and you should use them to increase your ad engagement and drive businesslike results.

You can better convey your message to the audience with video ads and can promote your business.

The one thing that you should focus on is, shoot vertical videos because most people hold their phones vertically. So, make sure your video ads can easily entice the users while they are scanning their feed.

Hence, kick start your social advertising with Facebook video ads and have amazing engagement.

Have a Catchy Starting

How can you engage the users with your ads if they are not staying at your ads? The first few seconds of your video ads decide whether a user will stay or keep scrolling. If you design an intriguing starting, then users will definitely interact with your ad.

Once you manage to grab the user’s attention, you are halfway there. Now, you have to promote your business to the customers in an amusing way without being salesy to stimulate the user’s conversion action.

So, have a strong starting to make users stay and interact with your Facebook ads.

Choose Simple Language Over Jargon

If your audience has no idea about standard terminologies, then it’s wise to use simple language. Because users might skip your post because they don’t know the jargon and can’t relate to it, and you should stick to simple language. If you want to use the jargon, then you first have to educate your audience about it.

When you use simple language, all your audience can easily understand your offerings. However, when you use jargon, only the customers who know the standard language engage with your ads. So, if you want more traction on your Facebook ads, it’s suggested to use simple, easy-to-understand language.

These are some best practices to make your Facebook ads more engaging. You must consider these to boost your ad engagement and conversion successively. If your Facebook ads are running at their full potential, then you will have sky-high ROI. So, embark on your Facebook advertising and use all these best practices.

Furthermore, you should also market your brand on other social media marketing channels because, same as Facebook, other social media channels also promise reliable and economic results. If all your social ad campaigns perform well, then you have high ROI, which is fruitful for your business.

If you need any help with your Facebook advertising, then this Facebook ads agency can provide you a result-driven solution.

Once again, consider all these optimization practices and let me know whether it worked for you or not?

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