In order to facilitate the work for you, we have selected a list of the best tools for remote working in 2020.

Teamwork will be successful only if the process is constantly controlled, employees’ responsibilities are distributed and their interaction is ensured. To achieve this, it is needed to create an effective working team of people who have never seen and, most likely, will never see each other. Excluding virtual contacts during video conferencing. Is it possible to create a good team of people who live in different cities or even countries? Sure it is! Today there are many very useful tools with which you can exercise control and guidance.


Hubstaff is a time management service that will be useful to project managers, as it greatly simplifies the work with finances. With Hubstaff, you can set up automatic payments to employees as a result of which each member of the team will receive payment for work with the required frequency, for example, once a week or once a month. If an employee works temporarily, then you can set a limit by specifying the maximum number of working hours. As soon as the limit is exceeded, the program will notify the manager and contractor about this. Also, with the help of the service, you can see what exactly the participants did during their work, which browser they used and which applications and programs they launched. Hubstaff offers a 14-day trial period, after which you will have to switch to a paid version of the program.


Jira is a multifunctional tool for all types of distributed teams, from small groups to companies with a staff of 50 thousand employees. The program has all the necessary functionality for effective management. Flexible planning tools allow you to draw up a work plan in such a way that it will be convenient for all team members. The accurate assessment function allows the team to work more harmoniously. And the capabilities of the reporting system provide complete control over the project at any time. There is no free version of the service, the cheapest rate is $ 10 per month.


Proofhub is used by both freelancers and medium and large distributed teams. The service has great functionality and allows you to keep an effective record of working time. Integration of third-party programs is possible in Proofhub, there is a mobile application that allows an employee to stay in touch when working outside a stationary workplace. The service provides a 30-day trial period. The cheapest tariff is an individual one, it allows you to conduct up to 10 projects at the same time, while the number of participants is not limited. The cost of the tariff is $ 18 per month.


Hivedesk is one of the best time management services. It provides full control over the activities of all participants in a distributed team. One of the advantages of this software is the visual display of the performance of each employee. You can control your own performance and check what is already done and what still needs to be done. Using Hivedesk, it is very easy for PMs to control the work – the service constantly sends screenshots of the monitor and you can understand what the remote employee is currently doing. It is one of the best tools used not only by office workers but also by the best dissertation writing service for students. Using the service, you can also find out how many hours you worked, which simplifies the settlement system. And by setting the wage rate for each employee, you can find out what part of the wages in the total budget of the project. There is no free version of Hivedesk, the cheapest tariff for three employees and one administrator costs $ 15.


Jell is the team’s virtual office where all members of the working group can share daily plans, demonstrate achievements, discuss problems and long-term goals. Distributed team employees using Jell spend much less time working with email. The system synchronizes all communication channels and provides instant feedback in real-time. The service provides a 14-day free period, in the future, you will have to pay a minimum of $ 4 per month.


Kanbanery is a virtual task board that is often used by team members. The board can be used for all jobs where employees work closely together. The service allows you to track errors, create reports, with its help you can quickly find any information about any part of the project. The user is given a 30-day trial period.


Hackpad service allows you to exchange data and files, create notes and post comments. Work can be carried out both in real-time and asynchronously. The contribution to the work of each participant is marked by the name of the author so that all ideas are personified. The to-do list feature allows you to track project progress. All data is stored in the “cloud” of Dropbox, which allows users to exchange files of any size, and all content is available even when a team member works offline without access to the Internet.

8. JOIN.ME is not only a screen sharing service but also an interactive whiteboard, as well as a platform for holding webinars and video conferencing. The free version of supports up to 10 users who can communicate on five video channels. The screen sharing feature allows you to close all windows that are not required for collaboration to be protected from viewing, and thereby maintain confidentiality.


Since team members can work in different time zones, you need a tool with which you can find the most convenient time for working meetings and exchanging opinions. One of such tools is the Worldtimebuddy web service. A very handy application with a time zone converter and meeting planner. A carefully thought-out interface allows you to quickly compare several time zones and find the most convenient time to make a long-distance or international call, webinar or business trip. The service can be used for free, the premium version with advanced functionality will cost the user $ 5.99 per month.


In this article, you can find a list of applications for remote work, which are suitable not only for performers but also for project managers and accountants. Use it and may the work become easier for you.

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