September 2, 2019

Building a new house means that you will have to invest in a lot of money, hard work, and energy to see the outcome. An ideal home might take from 6 months to 1 year to get complete. If you are reading as a concerned homeowner, you have come to the right spot. The construction of the house is inclusive of many things such as material, budget, period, workforce, design, etc. Lastly the most important person is the architect who will construct the house on a suitable design. If you’re getting the house constructed for the very first time, you will have an overwhelming experience. Before you make the important choice of giving it a go, you need to have clarity on a few things. In this article, I will guide you through some important things you must keep in mind when getting a new house constructed.

1. Know your budget

Budget is the first most important element you need to have clarity on. Your budget will decide the architecture of the house in terms of size, design, and scalability. It is important that you forecast all the all-important costs that you will incur during the process. If you have a magnified budget, you must go for extraordinary design of the house; however, if you are cut short on the budget, you must consult with a professional who will be able to give you an exact idea of the costs that you would incur.

2. Check the portfolio of the architect

You must have a hands-on veteran for this job. The construction of a new house is a dream come true for many people, so it is important to have the right person do this job. Before you hire him, check his online reputation and go through the work that he has done. A reputable architect will never shy away from showing his work, therefore, you must make sure that the person you’re selecting needs to have the art in his hands of shaping dreams beautifully. Furthermore with social media being so rampant it is easy to check online customer reviews and public profiles of professionals these days.

3. Go green

The design you select should be energy efficient and very cohesive with nature. So if your architect makes South facing windows, you will be able to get maximum sunlight in the house without having the need to turn on a lot of lights. Secondly you will also have to make sure that bathroom, kitchen, laundries have all small windows to prevent heat loss. Make yourself sit down and spend time in selecting insulation for the house. Lastly don’t forget to incorporate a beautiful garden in the house to instill fresh oxygen.

4. Cover the parameters

Even before the construction of the house has begun, you need to cover the lengths and breadths of the house with something substantial. This means you will have to select a suitable gate for the house and give thoughts to the walls of the house. Ever heard of turnstile gate? You can incorporate it in the backyard to improve house security. You can get one from easily. This website has a vast array of designs and sizes in turnstile gates, which can be used in any building. For the front gate you can go for either sliding gate, vertical gate, retractable gate or any that you like.

5. Always keep the resale value in mind

Don’t forget whatever amount you’re investing today will have a resale value in future. Who knows if you might have to sell your house in future because of an unwanted financial crunch or any personal reason. Make a note of all the expenses you are about to incur and tell your architect to keep track of all the costs involved. Never miss out on the financial part of the house. Whatever you are going to spend today will accumulate to give you a net worth of the building. Keep in mind that too many home upgrades won’t uplift the net worth of the house so you better be mindful.


It is no wonder that the construction of a new house will surely give you one of the best experiences in life. For many, this is going to be the first them they’re ever going to have all their dreams shaped in the form of a beautiful building. The right architect will surely know how to surprise you with his skills and expertise with the construction of the new house. You need to have a perspective on the outcome you expect. Don’t worry about articulating your needs and demands in front of the architect. Once your dream house gets constructed you can benefit from it in many ways such as by giving it on rent or living in it with your family.

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