An agro-industrial co-operative located in Brazil's southwest, Copagril has harvested decades of success via a savvy strategy of diversification. As the company celebrates 45 years in business, president Ricardo Sergio Chapla talks to Michael Sommers about how recent forays into…

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Top Trailers

Road transportation of goods and cargo is a competitive business in Brazil, but for one of the country's leaders, the client is in the driving seat. Reuben Ford takes a closer look at this trailer and chassis manufacturer that teams…

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Facing the Chicken Challenge

One of Brazil's most dynamic poultry producers breaks boundaries when it comes to growth and investment. Reuben Ford finds out more about accepting and beating the challenge of the competitive chicken industry.

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Making a Difference

Times may be tough for Brazil's sugar-alcohol sector, but Denusa Destilaria, a pioneering producer of alternative ethanol fuel is fired up for the future.

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Cristal Alimentos

Precisely Rice

A pioneer in the introduction of grain selection technology, Cristal Alimentos is among Brazil's leading producers of rice. Reuben Ford discovers how careful commitments to quality and precision production have resulted in almost 60 years of success.

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Unifrango Agroindustrial SA

United Agribusiness in Brazil

One of Brazil's largest producers of chicks and chicken unites small, medium and medium-large sized companies in the food segment, making them more competitive on a global scale. Reuben Ford reports on a company that takes conflict out of commercialization…

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Alto Cafezal

International Espresso

Alto Cafezal exports coffee to Asia, Europe and North America. The Brazilian company, that celebrated 40 years of business in 2012, produces high-quality, semi-washed and natural coffee.

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Laying Plans

One of Brazil's largest producers of eggs hatches plans to expand and improve business, with new imported technology, expanded infrastructure, and the introduction of new products. Reuben Ford analyzes a fresh, forward-thinking approach.

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Frango Bello

International Chicken

Brazil is the world's biggest exporter of chicken. One of the country's most dynamic and ambitious poultry producers, the Pluma Group aims to increase production of its Frango Bello brand by 40 percent this year to meet growing international demand.…

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Family Farming

In Brazil, 70 percent of cultivated foods consumed in homes come from family farms. Recognizing the importance of small parts in a big business, Budny Indùstria & Comércio Ltda. provides traditional agriculturalists with the tools and innovation they need. Reuben…

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Turning to Chicken

A significant step into the poultry market by this Brazilian agricultural cooperative brings fresh technology and techniques in chicken production. Reuben Ford analyzes the effects of an innovative transition.

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Brazilian Power Parts

Look to manufacture of motor and machine parts. One of Latin America's most innovative engine component companies shut down domestic facilities and outsourced production to China. Reuben Ford finds out more about the strategic move, which brings Brazilian engineering back…

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