Electric Bike Motors

How to choose the right motor for the electric bike.

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BigLever Software

Innovate or Die

Feature-based product line engineering puts the power in the hands of product portfolio management.

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Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd

Post-Processing Enabling Additive Manufacturing

Analysis of the importance of post-processing in the additive manufacturing production process chain.

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OneNeck IT Solutions

Addressing Multi-cloud IT Challenges in Manufacturing

As manufacturers move to multi-cloud environments, there are IT concerns that must be addressed to maintain ideal security and visibility.

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HVAC Industry in Ithaca NY

How the HVAC industry in Ithaca NY is benefitting business and residential clients.

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Resisting Energy Industry Cyber Attacks

Threat actors breach even the most secure Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organizations. The energy industry is no exception.

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Why The Supply Chain Needs IoT

Time and money can be saved in the supply chain by utilizing IoT technology.

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Thriving in the Age of the Intrapreneur

Big businesses are embracing startup culture to keep disruption in-house. For team leaders, success requires a new style of management.

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Global Warming

The contribution of HVAC manufacturers in reducing climate change.

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Dependent on Compressed Air?

Should you replace or repair your broken air compressor?

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Increase Productivity in Plastic Extrusion

Futuristic Techniques using IoT and Lean Six Sigma principals can reduce scrap by 60% in plastic extrusion processes.

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Nova Bus

Electro Mobility

Nova Bus, a unit of the Volvo Group, is a leading provider of sustainable transit solutions to North American city bus systems.

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