Latin American Steel Association

Steel Value Chain:

Decline of commodities' prices deepens Latin American trade deficit with China that reaches US$ 25,000 million in 2014.

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MAPI: Mexico Leads Latin American Manufacturing in 2015

The findings are outlined in the recently released Latin America Manufacturing Outlook report from the MAPI Foundation, the research affiliate of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.

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Stepping Up

Alumasa has spent the last 30 years producing aluminum and plastic products for Brazil's civil construction sector. Now, despite a stagnant Brazilian economy, as commercial director Rodrigo Fontanella confesses to Michael Sommers, hope is on the horizon with the dawning…

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The Vanguard of Steel Fusion

One of Brazil's leaders in production of molten steel and special alloy parts commemorates its 90th anniversary this year - a celebrated history of innovation and industrial intelligence. Reuben Ford investigates the strategy behind sustained success.

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Powerful Insulation

Consistency is key at NUTEC, the front-runner in Mexico’s industrial heating industry. With more than three decades of experience, the company, which produces high temperature insulation fibers, sends its top-notch products to countries around the world. Rachel Hartman reports.

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Loading Superiority

A leading Brazilian manufacturer of equipment for the handling and movement of bulk materials TMSA is fortunate enough to have innovation in its DNA. As commercial director Paulo Lambert tells Michael Sommers, the almost 50-year-old company is betting on another…

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Leading the Way to New Horizons

One of the fastest growing companies in Brazil launches a new line of cargo transport trailers to achieve record sales. Reuben Ford finds out more about the innovations that have inspired the market and generated greater growth predictions for 2014.

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Where is Motoman Marketing a Different Concept?

The Brazilian arm of this Japanese robotic technology giant adapts to suit the demands of a progress-hungry market. Reuben Ford finds out how extending global services and applications is just the strategy for success in Latin America.

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A Partner for Life

This service provider for mining and mineral processes covers the complete life cycle of all types of ore and invests in developing sustainable technologies. Reuben Ford describes the evolution of one of Brazil's most important industry partners.

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Latin American Manufacturing

At the Wheel of Growth

The Latin American manufacturing sector, thanks largely to Mexico and Brazil, has much to look forward to in 2014 after closing out 2013 with surprising strength. Leo Rommel reports what an industry expert sees coming in the months ahead –…

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Tubos Apolo

Channeling Its Energy

Brazil’s leading manufacturer of steel pipes maintains market share despite economic twists and turns. Reuben Ford describes how focusing on efficient handling of an emerging economy and important resources are the secret to ongoing success.

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How is IBAR Diversifying?

Brazil's second largest manufacturer of refractory materials focuses on the most complete range of 100 percent turn-key solutions in South America. Reuben Ford analyzes the integration and innovation of an industry leader.

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