We will give you a detailed guideline about blast resistant doors so that you can make the best selection.

Different available materials for blast resistant doors

A Blast resistant door is made from a variety of materials. The doors are usually made from timber and aluminum. However, if you need protection from the high-level blasts, then you should use blast resistant doors made of steel.

The steel is more resistant to expansion also. It can build into a building and absorb the pressure. Steel can minimize the hazards, and it has longer durability. Steel blast resistant doors have a high melting point and allow low transfer of heat.

Developing an understanding about the blast standards

When you select a blast resistant door, then there are certain facts that you need to keep in mind. Most of the blast resistant doors are certified to a specific standard. All the companies do not offer all the standards because it requires a lot of time and money to test the blast doors as per all the standards.

When you choose your blast resistant door, then the best approach is that you should ask the company about the standard it follows. The standards may differ depending upon the regulation standards of a country.

The different standards used so far are ISO, CPN, DMG, and GSA. Ideally, the manufacturers should test the blast resistant doors to test their performance under different blast conditions.

What you should look for in a blast door

Look for explosion and fire containment

When you get hold of a blast door, then it should provide fire and explosion containment. Well, this means that the door should remain intact in case of a blast.

Ask for an external lever handler

The blast door should have an external lever handler for the key entry.

The blast door should have an internal panic bar

It is also essential that the blast resistant door should have an internal panic bar for the emergency exits. The defence door should also have purpose-specific seals and door set insulation for sweating prevention.

What the best blast door manufacturers do is that when they receive the requirements from the customer, then they verify the calculations. The purpose of the verification is to provide the highest performance and protection.

When you need Defence Doors, then you should make sure that you approach a reputed manufacturer. The reputed blast door manufacturers ensure that all the essential details are available on their website.

You should shortlist the best manufacturers for the blast doors and acquire a quote from all of them. Compare the features they offer in their blast doors and then make your choice. The benefit of following this approach is that you will be able to get access to the best blast door that will last for a long time to come.

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