A competent entry-level technician is marked by key knowledge, skills, IT experience, and guts. In becoming a skilled and certified professional, one must be well-grounded in handling information security, operating systems, PC and laptop hardware, mobile devices, cloud computing, software installation, and network administration. If you’re confident to have learned all of these, the CompTIA A+ is a certification that is going to lead you to a career level you’ll be most challenged and thankful for. Needless to say, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) A+ certification’s worldwide recognition serves as your vehicle in getting into some of the top organizations in the IT industry.

What is CompTIA A+ Certification?

CompTIA A+ is a credential acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Defense. Aimed at entry-level IT technicians, this highly recognized certification is considered as a beginning point for an IT technician’s career. This will serve as an introductory part in learning about the different IT domains. You may choose career tracks that would fit according to your interests and skills. These would include candidates who wish to pursue a career being a networking specialist, support, service center or as a help desk technician. A growing community of one million IT professionals has already proven the immense reach of this vendor-neutral Click Here to Visit Website.

Top vendors know the competence needed in the process of earning a CompTIA A+ certification. Thus, when you are able to possess this credential, you are assured to end up in some of the most well-known technology vendors or associations where you can showcase your technical competence. The following are listed below:


IBM has partnered with CompTIA in producing the most skilled cybersecurity professionals, who are equipped with the required analytical skills. CompTIA CySA+, for instance, is one proof of the trust given by IBM in the certifications generated by CompTIA. A vendor-specific certification, this is highly needed in securing applications and systems within an organization.


Dell recognizes CompTIA A+ certification as a starting block credential, by which will also help you to obtain other advanced certifications. Managers and employers of Dell value CompTIA A+ certified professionals and highly regard the benefits they can give to the company. Dell offers a CompTIA accredited self-paced eLearning that helps candidates in their preparation for both the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams, through its online collection.


This is a world-recognized provider of directory-enabled networking software that has embraced CompTIA’s credibility in producing neutral and vendor-neutral certifications.

Cisco and Microsoft are other groups of vendors that are highly regarded when it comes to CompTIA A+ certified professionals. Most candidates who have this credential are preferred by recruiters and managers. For some agencies, CompTIA A+ is a recommended certification. Among the list include Canon, Unisys, Toshiba, and Cognizant.

Furthermore, other leading software and hardware companies that see the necessity of this certification are HP, CompuCom, Lenovo, and Intel. This has been made as a prerequisite for applying service technicians since the certification validates the candidates grasp on common software and hardware technologies.

So, it’s time to get introduced to the globally acclaimed CompTIA A+ certification exam―220-902, which is one of the exams needed in becoming certified.

About 220-902 Exam

Two separate exams are needed to be passed for you to obtain the A+ credential. These are the exams 220-901, (CompTIA A+ Essentials) and (CompTIA A+ Practical Application) 220-902. Since 220-901 has already been detailed out, let’s now proceed to another important exam you need to successfully complete, which is the 220-902.

All you need to pass the exam is an ample armory of the essential IT knowledge and an utmost preparation and dedication. There are no prerequisites needed in taking the exam, which means anyone who believes he or she has the expertise can get a shot on the exam. There is, however, a six to twelve months hands-on recommended experience. This may be either in the lab or field experience.

For 1 hour and 30 minutes, you must be able to answer a maximum of 90 questions that are presented in both performance-based and multiple choice format.The exam will evaluate your niche in the fundamental troubleshooting, networking and security skills. Here’s a more thorough explanation on what you need to work on in order to be officially certified. You must be able to have the ability to apply your troubleshooting expertise; comprehend the valuable principles of networking, security, virtualization, desktop imaging, and deployment; installing, solving, and maintaining devices; assembling components; responding to customer requirements and support, and effectively diagnosing and undertaking issues on software. Aside from these, there are still essential topics that you need to prepare to in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam.

Exam Domains and Passing Score

29% of the exam goes to the topic on Windows Operating Systems, while the 24% and 22% are for software troubleshooting and security, respectively. The other 12% is for other operating systems and know-hows and 13% for operational techniques. Knowing this might help you keep track of the domains you need to give attention to, depending on your strong and weak points. Use the ExamSnap CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Part 8 220-902 Exam Questions to check your knowledge on the exam topics.

In order to be certified, you need to reach 700 points in your 220-902 exam. This is quite challenging but getting this passing range means that you are more than furnished with everything needed by an IT professional in the field of software issues. You are ready to conquer not just the exam but also the practical events in real life.


Getting involved in some of the most acknowledged and leading organizations in the dominion of IT is a benefit most people would strive for. Given that you are working to earn a credential as esteemed as this one, with the probability of passing, which is for the record, all depending on your preparation and dedication level, then you are basically at a great advantage. It’s time that you set your own example by earning a CompTIA A+ certification that will bring your career to greater heights.

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