Expansion of logistics services will bring relief to customers waiting for goods.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – ContainerPort Group (CPG®), a transportation organization specializing in intermodal drayage and logistics, announced the launch of its Expedited Services team, as part of its larger Logistics unit. The Expedited Services team will focus on finding solutions to move customer-critical containers that are not easily accessible or otherwise detained at rail yards and container yards across the country.

“Customers continue to have difficulty getting their freight delivered on-time due to a number of factors,” said CPG Executive VP Mike Williams, head of CPG Logistics and Commercial. “It could be tied up with detention and demurrage charges, overweight for a certain carrier, or perhaps a lack of available chassis. Expedited Services is all about getting creative to free those containers and finding a solution to get it where it needs to go.”

Many providers are struggling with a lack of equipment needed to get containers moved from storage areas, or a lack of available space at the destination facility. Customers needing immediate assistance can leverage CPG Logistics’ broad network of carrier partners to free their freight from whatever circumstance, no matter the location.

“At CPG, we can cover every port and every rail,” added Williams. “Our experience and existing relationships give us the flexibility to handle whatever issues the customer is facing. This Expedited team will explore every possible avenue to find a solution that works for the customer and gets their freight moving.”

The Expedited Services team is equipped to handle a wide range of freight, including overweight containers, out-of-gauge, reefers, hazmat, and more. They have experience handling issues including excessive demurrage, transloading, and more.

This new team adds another unique service to CPG’s already broad array of transportation solutions. The Logistics team works closely with CPG’s 26 terminal locations and provides coverage nationally by utilizing connections with carriers in locations where CPG does not have a physical presence.

Customers with questions or in need of assistance can contact the Expedited Team via email at expedited@containerport.com or call (877) 863-5715.

About ContainerPort Group
ContainerPort Group (CPG®) is an award-winning multimodal transportation company that provides comprehensive container drayage and logistics solutions for customers throughout North America. With 50 years of continuous operation, a focus on customer needs, a safe and dependable fleet of 1,300+ independent contract drivers, and a network of over 350 transportation experts, CPG has the tools, the talent, and the experience to move your freight. To learn more, contact us: https://www.containerport.com/contact/

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