Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Year 2002

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Anchor Paint Manufacturing Company. As Chip Meade, the company’s chief executive officer, explains, “The name ‘Anchor’ was chosen by the founders because in painting circles, ‘anchor’ refers to a specific type of surface preparation — an anchor pattern, etch or tooth. As time passed, the name today couldn’t be more apt. ‘Anchor’ denotes both the company’s solid business grounding and its role as a strong, reliable supplier to our customers.”

Just as solid as the business itself is Anchor Paint’s product line — which, as the company’s product literature states, is “the paint used by the pros.” Anchor Paint manufactures paints and coatings used by industrial firms, architects, designers, painting contractors and homeowners. The Tulsa, Okla.-based company, together with its company-owned warehouses in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denver and Little Rock, Ark., has earned the trust of this wide-ranging customer base through four decades of delivering quality, service and value.

“Being in the paint business, we think durability is pretty important,” the company says on its Web site. “Which is why we’ve worked hard to provide our customers with the best possible products, at the best possible price.” Chuck Taylor, Anchor’s president, adds, “More important than price is Anchor’s commitment to individualized service. Since it is a family-owned business, customers are viewed as relationships, not numbered accounts. While Anchor possesses the capability to customize in the most demanding formulas, the company’s goal is to not only meet but exceed each customer’s expectations.”

Primed for the Customer

In the industrial segment of its product line, Anchor Paint manufactures primers, finishes and paints. These various coatings are formulated to meet a wide variety of industrial needs. Taylor says, “Our research and development efforts are particularly important to the industrial line. Anchor Paint strives to continually create new products that meet specific customer needs and that are friendly to the environment. The company’s ongoing development of products such as its water-based enamels is an example of how this effort works.”

In the primer category, Anchor Paint produces such lines as the 1600 Series of conventional-dry high solids, which offers a high degree of rust resistance. The 2655 Series are fast-dry primers for jobs requiring a faster turnaround. The 2700 Series are waterborne primers that offer excellent adhesion to almost any surface including wood, steel or galvanized metal.

Also on the industrial side, Anchor Paint has demonstrated its ability to develop coatings from a variety of materials. The Cat-O-Zinc and Epoxy Polyamide Zinc Dust lines are primers whose formulation is rich in inorganic zinc (Cat-O-Zinc 93) or organic zinc (Cat-O-Zinc 55). Both products provide the industry’s highest level of protection in severe environments and exposures. The Hi-Solid Epoxy Primer line is a high-solids, modified polyamine cure epoxy coating offering outstanding resistance to solvents, tap and salt water, shock, abrasion, acid splash and spillage. The Ancothane Acrylic Urethane 4900 Series provides a slate of durability features – including resistance to abrasion and chemicals – plus flexibility and weatherability.

In addition, Anchor Paint offers its industrial customers the 3-Component System of low-volatile organic compound coatings which stand up to both moderate and extreme environmental conditions. The 3-Component System provides exceptional resistance to a variety of chemicals, to abrasion and to marring. Plus, it gives a project an attractive appearance through its superior color and gloss retention. Machinery, bridges, tank exteriors, industrial equipment, piping and offshore equipment have all benefited from a better look thanks to the 3-Component System.

Protecting the Planet

To the architectural and design trade, Anchor Paints offers a huge variety of colors specifically developed for both interior and exterior use. The company also formulated these products with cost in mind, realizing its product prices can often make the difference between profit and loss for those customers executing commercial jobs. “These products also carry forward Anchor Paint’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection,” says Meade. “We developed the Earth Care label to designate those coatings which are friendly to the environment. Product lines under the Earth Care program contain no lead, mercury or hazardous heavy metals.”

Among the Earth Care products are the 5000 Series Signature Interior Flat Finish coatings, which are premium acrylic latex products ideal for interior walls and ceilings. Also under the Earth Care label, the 5100 Series Signature Eggshell Finish is particularly suitable for interior high-traffic areas such as walls and trim in halls, bathrooms, kitchens or kids’ rooms. Also for surfaces requiring a hard and durable finish, the 5200 Series Signature Semi-Gloss Finish is best suited for inside or outside wood trim, paneling, cabinets or recreation rooms.

For prepared surfaces such as wood, shingles, masonry, block, galvanized or other non-ferrous metals, Anchor Paint offers the 3600 Series Flexi Coat paint. This is a 100 percent acrylic product, meaning it will never get hard or brittle, and will retain its color and long-term durability unlike oil-based or modified vinyl acrylic paints. The P100 Series Uni-Kote Interior Latex Flat paint is especially formulated for wall board, plaster, wood, block and other interior surfaces. It also doesn’t need a primer or sealer under normal circumstances, doesn’t yellow, dries fast and cleans up with soap and water.

“These paint lines also demonstrate what Anchor Paint offers to homeowners,” Taylor says. “Whether the job is a do-it-yourself project or is being done by a painting professional, Anchor Paint provides top-quality paints in a full range of colors, at costs below those of nationally advertised brands. It maintains those low prices by selling directly from its own warehouses, which also affords access to the expertise of the company’s personnel.”

Anchor Paint also produces several product lines of stains. These include Satin Speed Stain, Richwood Interior Oil Stain, Clear Timber Tone Exterior Oil Stain and the Semi-Transparent Base product. The Satin Speed Stain line, in particular, is excellent for both industrial and household use. It’s a fast-drying stain that won’t lap, that penetrates as well as an oil stain and that can be recoated within an hour of the first application. Satin Speed Stain’s finish coats can be either lacquer or varnish, and the line can be used on paneling, woodwork, doors, furniture, cabinets or floor, among other applications.

Also useful for the above applications is Anchor Paint’s Fin Seal, a quick-drying sanding sealer and semigloss finish. The Fin Seal provides good film hardness and non-porosity, and builds to a rich, clear finish on woodwork, trim, furniture, cabinets and other surfaces.

“While small in comparison to national brands, Anchor Paint believes its product line is big enough to get the job done,” Meade says. “What’s more important, the company is small enough to care about the relationships cultivated over the years with customers. This is what sets Anchor Paint apart.”

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