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August 26, 2019

Even if the house itself is simple but it features a beautiful swimming pool with crystal clear water, the whole place will look instantly stunning. But it’s not just the looks that we’re after—it is an ideal part of the home that provides a wide range of benefits like exercise, recreation and relaxation and entertainment facility for guests. Read more about that here.

The thought of building this project is truly exciting. For sure, you’re already having vivid dreams about it while you’re planning. But then, reality kicks in and you know for sure that making this happen might create a serious dent in your wallet, especially if you fail to do the right budgeting steps.

Around four years ago, it was reported that the average cost of building a residential in-ground pool was around $39,000. But that was several years ago as mentioned. A lot has changed when it comes to the pricing of construction materials and labor costs. Hence, expect higher prices than that if you wish for an in-ground pool.

Below, we show tips on how you can set a budget for your swimming pool as well as the factors you should consider if you wish to cut back on potential costs that this project might incur.

Determine the Type and Design of Pool You will Build

Know that there isn’t a single kind of swimming pool alone. There are multiple types of it. Depending on your needs, preferences and lifestyle, you can go for either an indoor pool or outdoor pool. You can choose either in-ground or above-ground type. If it’s only meant for relaxation, you can build a spool rather than a lap pool.

These different types incur different costs, too. So, the budget you need to set would really depend on what type you’re going to build. For example, above-ground pools are way cheaper than the traditional in-ground version. Because pools are obviously smaller than a lap pool, you’ll need a smaller amount of budget for it as compared to the latter.

One of the easiest ways to cut back on costs is to choose a simpler design. More curves, steps and exotic tiles can easily raise the price of your project. So, if you can forego complicated features for a simpler design, do it for the sake of your budget, well unless, you don’t mind splurging on infinity edges, fountains and more. Learn more tips here:

Type And Design Pool, Industry Today

Don’t Settle on One Contractor Right Away

Whatever it is that you’re paying for, it’s always a good idea to shop around, especially if it’s the kind of project that requires you to invest a really hefty, no-joke amount of money. Of course, folks, you know that pools are one of those expensive projects that you will never entrust to just anyone.

You need a company that houses the best people who are knowledgeable of the project, trustworthy, highly skilled and experienced. Yet, you also wish to find one that offers reasonable pricing, something that’s cheaper than the rest without compromising the quality of the output.

Get multiple bids if you can. Also, do a thorough background check of the companies to make sure you’re choosing the one that has good reputation.

Consider Future Maintenance Costs

Having a swimming pool isn’t a one-time bigtime splurge. It’s an ongoing project that you’ll constantly allot some portion of your expenses for. What we’re talking about is the ongoing maintenance that you should never overlook.

First of all, it’s mandatory. Second, the initial splurge you made on this project might go to waste if your swimming pool is not properly maintained. In fact, you might spend thousands of dollars on big repairs if you failed to do proper maintenance. So, clean it regularly. If you want to save more money, you can do this on your own as part of your house cleaning routine.

However, it is advised that you should hire professionals from time to time to check on it and do thorough cleaning and other important maintenance tasks. Sites like Blue Waters Pool Services can provide more valuable insights about proper maintenance.

If all these sound like a hassle to you, why not consider building a self-cleaning swimming pond instead? Aside from the fact that it’s economical, it also exudes a unique farm-like charm.

Bonus tip: Pick the right location for your pool. Placing it under lush foliage may require more frequent cleanings than those located far from trees and plants. It is also ideal to build it near the house so that you can save up on utility bills.

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