A look at which processes can be automated to make the most sense for your business.

Although digital automation may not seem relevant for oil or gas companies, this process actually can save your business time and money. Like any other business, digital automation can take everyday tasks that bog down your workflow and streamline them.

A commonly automated process is accounting, which can easily be digitalized and automated. By doing so, you can free up your staff from tasks that are prone to human error and can be efficiently completed by a machine. There are many other processes you can consider handing over to automation, but before making the switch, be sure to review which processes can be automated and make the most sense for your business.

Automate Your Accounting

One of the first processes oil and gas companies often chose to automate is accounting. For most businesses, that includes taking care of payroll, payroll invoices, check writing, statements, invoices, and financial reporting.

Spreadsheets and physical forms can pile up for your accounting team, making it hard to keep up with your business’s growth. Many oil and gas accountants report that their companies are quick to jump on the newest technology related to production. Still, accountants are left to use outdated processes prone to errors that slow down their workflow.

Automation is an effective way to fix this that’s easier to implement than most businesses initially believe. You can use a dedicated accounting source to automate your process. To make the switch, search online and look for oil and gas accounting services and software. Many companies can help you transition from manual to automated accounting and develop an automation process that suits your company’s needs.

Digitize Contracts

Oil and gas businesses often need contracts to work with their clients and vendors. Even if you use a template contract, it can be hard to send contracts and securely store them. For that reason, many companies opt to automate the contract process.

Automation companies and software can provide inexpensive yet convenient ways to send contracts to clients. Once contracts are digitally signed, both you and the customer get a digital copy of the final agreement. Unlike physical copies of contracts, digital ones cannot be lost, stolen, or have coffee spilled on them.

Software and digitization companies will have various levels of security. If you want extra protection for your documents, be sure to choose a software or company that uses the latest cybersecurity protections. Doing so can reassure both you and your clients that their important documents and digital signatures are safe and secure.

Production Reports

Every oil and gas company needs to create production reports that detail what went wrong or right while creating their final products. These reports are crucial to helping you understand if there’s a production issue you need to address. However, making and analyzing thick production reports that don’t always prioritize specific problems you’re looking for can cost you time and money.

Digitally automating production reports can be an easier way to find out where you can benefit from improvement or which steps are producing critical errors in your production workflow. While there are several ways to automate production reports, one of the most common ways is to use software that connects with your production machinery. The software automatically reports on and analyzes what happens at every step of the production process.

No matter which process you use to automate your production reports, employing a company specializing in automation can prove beneficial. Such companies can help you determine which production issues you’re facing, monitor them, and fix them through automation.

Automate Digital Responses

All businesses need to respond to current or potential clients. However, many companies find it challenging to respond to the messages they receive through social media, blogs, websites, etc. If your business has any online content that permits users to submit comments, questions, or instant messages, you can benefit from creating automated responses.

Automated responses are quick and effective ways to respond to the most commonly asked questions your company gets. Be it your hours, services offered, or another common question you receive, you can program a chatbot or create an automated message that can automatically answer questions when you get an inquiry from a user.

Automation Saves You Time and Money

Switching even a few manual processes to digital automation can cut down on human errors while saving your company time and money. Simple tasks that otherwise take up too much of your staff’s time can be automated so your team can focus on more challenging issues unsuited for automation. If you’re ready to make the switch, consider working with an automation company to determine your unique automation needs.

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