January 11, 2019

Marketing is all about the data. The ultimate processing capability of Artificial Intelligence is already changing the marketing landscape as we know it today. Think about the founding elements of AI, like Big Data and Machine Learning. Can you imagine the contemporary digital marketing instruments without the application of those? Probably no.

At a pace of change as rapid as it is today, it is crucial to understand where are we heading to and how to optimize your digital strategy in order to grab and retain customer’s precious attention. Look out for the upcoming digital marketing trends below and get ready for the fascinating changes we are about to face.

Digital Marketing Trends, Industry Today

AI as an Important Trend of Digital Marketing

For now, we can only guess which new exiting tools will emerge and which will step back into the history in the upcoming years, however these marketing trends 2019 are certainly going to increase your ROI with a help of AI in the nearest future:

0 – Video Marketing is King

Video holds paramount importance in today’s digital marketing. While we are seeing major social media platforms getting focused around video to compete with YouTube, there is no reason not to expect it to remain to be the dominant form of content for the following year.

1 – Slight SEO focus decrease

As of today, 39% of marketers who have endorsed AI technology report using it for the matter of targeting. The tendency suggests that rapidly growing significance of the new-era technology puts such fundamental marketing instruments as SEO on the verge of extinction.

2 – Predictive Marketing

Indeed, why would you care about web traffic optimization if your customer receives the perfectly personalized information with virtually no effort, made possible by the AI analysis of its buying behaviors, needs, interests and projected actions? Tracking, segmenting, targeting or retargeting prospects – use it for whatever.

3 – Personalized content campaigns

Following the trend, we can even expect AI to start creating authentic content very soon. What a sweet opportunity for those who are looking for the instant assignment help! Users nowadays demand and expect relevant and personalized content.

4 – Optimized decision-making

In fact, everything goes down to the AI-powered analysis of the limitless data pool we have at our disposal. Algorithms will craft the campaigns in the real-time, cutting the time of customer research on a product and eventually simplifying the decision making.

5 – Enhanced customer experience

Customer experience is inevitably improving, as the technology is primarily customer-oriented. Moreover, AI gave birth to the new branches of market-tech which are Chatbots and Voice Control. We will take a closer look at each of those later in this article.

6 – Improved sales cycle

From the business standpoint, the combination of everything outlined above is eventually making the sales cycle shorter, which is nothing but pure benefit.

The Growing Influence of Voice Search

There is an opinion that voice searches will overtake the 50% share of all searches in 2019. It is natural that people are willing to utilize it since verbal command is the most natural form of communication to the human creature. You may wonder how does the popularity of voice control projects on the digital marketing? It’s SEO again. Here are two search optimization business-critical trends for those who want to benefit from voice commands:

7 – Transition to the conversational nature of the keywords

It makes a lot of sense actually since people are not speaking domains or sketchy combinations of words like they do in the typed search.

8 – Long-tail keywords establishment

The same rule applied to the length of the input – speaking is easier, hence the word count tends to be longer.

Digital Marketing Trends, Industry Today

Chatbots Are the Future of Marketing

While this technology is likely to operate in a full swing in the nearest future, chatbots today remain to be an effective tool to deliver instant responses on frequently asked customer questions and inquiries. Some of the innovations introduced earlier in this field suggest the expectations towards the chatbot development in 2019:

9 – AI takeover of complex human conversations

If you don’t feel like this heading, take a while to listen to human conversations with Google Duplex algorithms and re-evaluate your attitude. Google has actually revealed a new generation of chatbots, introducing the real-time adaptation to the conversation, understanding contexts and just an amazing vocal communication.

10 – Chatbots to receive sensory abilities

Amazon is already stepping outside voice-only capabilities of AI with their brand new Recognition product. The algorithm is now able to identify human faces, emotions and expressions while scanning the image.


Wrapping up, there is a pretty wide range of opportunities to involve AI now, entirely depending on your specific business goals and the channels you approach the customers through. One thing is universal though – incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your digital marketing strategy is a must. Even on the very basic level, this technology inevitably leads to a better sales cycle and enhanced decision making which is nothing but a win-win situation for you and your customer.

Alyssa Johnson is a technical content writer passionate about emerging technologies. Upon receiving a Master’s degree at MIT she actively participates in various AI researches. Alyssa is an independent contributor of HubSpot, The Verge and other resources.

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