Volume 14 | Issue 3 | Year 2011

As Brazilian industry grows at a record rate, organized engineering is big business and with mining, steel, oil and automobiles among the fastest growing, the nation’s construction is moving full steam ahead. Daltec is one of the companies responsible for the increase in infrastructure; a specialist in operating, constructing and assembling plants and projects, the company offers integrated solutions to the steel and mining sectors.
Founded in 1992, Daltec has grown steadily and has an impressive list of projects on its files; including many for the country’s leading companies such as oil giant Petrobras, Votorantim (mining) and CSN steelworks. “Particularly in the last three years we have participated in many important constructions, incorporating mechanical and electrical engineering services as well as operational management,” says Director Carlos Nogueira da Gama Júnior.

The director emphasizes the construction of Petrobras’ natural gas compression plant in São Paulo and cement and effluent treatment plants for CSN in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states as well as extensions and management services to complement the company’s existing structure. Daltec also operates in the automotive industry, having constructed Fiat’s body shop also in Minas Gerais. The list of completed projects is as extensive as it is impressive, and immediately recognizable is the loyalty of the clients who return time and time again. The success of the major industries means continued success for Daltec, whose quality and service evidently takes second place to none.

“More recently we have initiated work on an electrostatic precipitator at CSN’s plant in Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, and specialized equipment for the magnetic separation of minerals for both CSN and Namisa in Minas Gerais,” Nogueira da Gama continues.

The accumulation of experience and completed projects serves as an excellent portfolio for Daltec. From more humble beginnings in the field of electrical engineering the company has developed into one of the most prominent in the sector, adding mechanical engineering to its services in 2003, which increased its size and client base. “By adding services we have broadened the range of integrated solutions that we offer and as a result have marked our presence in the industry,” continues Nogueira da Gama.

In 2007 and 2008 Daltec was honored in Brazilian industry magazine ‘O Empreiteiro’ for its outstanding contribution to industry and record growth. The magazine, which is the biggest engineering, civil construction and electrical installations publication in the country, named Daltec as one of the top 500 in the sector. “The fact that we were named in two consecutive years increased our exposure substantially and spurred more growth,” Nogueira da Gama adds.

Maintaining a prominent position in the industry is paramount to the company that initiated a partnership with the Fundação Dom Cabral – one of the top five business schools in the world – for the training of its staff. “Our performance is thanks to our excellent team of professionals who manage and operate our projects,” says Nogueira da Gama.

Daltec executes work for its clients, which means that the company adheres to plans previously approved by the client and adapts to meet the individual requirements of each project. “Our operations are similar to our competition and the technology available to us is available to everyone. Of course, we always select the best at our disposal, but we truly differentiate on quality and management,” Nogueira da Gama explains. Management is a constant area of investment and includes not only operational skills but safety procedures and new techniques to improve efficiency and productivity.

While the technology for the project is contracted by the client and operated and organized by Daltec, the company does supply cables, electrical installations and mechanical parts, which are purchased from a variety of trusted partners.

“Today 70 percent of our business comes from the steel industry and the majority of our other projects are in mining,” Nogueira da Gama says. Due to the nature of these services, Daltec’s main areas of activity are in the south east; São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro; and the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Goiás and Paraná.

“We are always looking to expand our services and market regions. Our history of successfully collaborating with many different companies sets us in excellent stead for future, even for international partnerships,” he continues. Expanding through joining forces is one of the company’s firm plans for the future; especially as foreign investment in Brazil is rising following the stabilizing and strengthening of the economy. “Together with economic incentives for overseas investors, the boom in our heavy construction industry is attracting businesses from all over the globe, to whom we offer 20 years of experience and a first class service,” says Nogueira da Gama.

Daltec runs its operations from central administrative offices in the state capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte. Additionally, the company has a 12,000-square-meter warehouse outside the capital for storage. “Our structure is extremely versatile, depending on the projects that are being executed at any one time. Our staff for example can vary from 500 to 2,000 and we can install office structures at larger sites, with everything monitored from our central headquarters,” Nogueira da Gama explains.

The company’s infrastructure is also a focus for investment. The right parts and equipment for carrying out the services are purchased, dictated by the necessities and profile of each client’s project. “When we close a one-year contract we must ensure that we have all the technology to carry out the work to our high standards – we never let the client down,” Nogueira da Gamasays. Some services are outsourced, but for more detailed or intricate operations, Daltec invests in equipment.

The company’s organization has certainly paid off; currently ranked third in Minas Gerais and 24th on a national scale, Daltec is among the leaders in the field of industrial construction. These are market positions that have been conquered through staggering growth figures: in 2007 Daltec increased revenue by 100 percent, thanks to new contracts. Even in the face of the ensuing financial crisis in the following years, the company maintained growth – albeit at the lower rate of 20 percent in 2008/2009. “We are feeling the effects of the crisis today, and noticed recovery only in the second semester of 2010. Many construction projects were suspended due to economic uncertainty and were reinitiated at the end of last year,” Nogueira da Gama explains. The outlook for 2011 remains positive, with Daltec’s organic growth estimated at 10 percent.

The reason for continued success is simple: Daltec differentiates itself through outstanding customer service, speedy and efficient response and close relationships with each and every of its clients, having developed a detailed knowledge of their businesses and projects. As Nogueira da Gama concludes, “we are back in force this year.” It is thanks to this organization and professionalism that the company is building an even bigger and brighter future.

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