Company to supply high-throughput, low latency platform to batch-oriented data integration and application integration providers.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Equalum, a best-in-class provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, today announced the CDC Connect Partner Program. The new OEM/integration program is open to batch-oriented data integration vendors, application integration companies, and other solution providers requiring a more flexible, high-performance CDC technology to identify and track downstream data. With Equalum’s award-winning CDC platform, partners have the opportunity to strengthen their competitive advantage by deploying high-throughput, low-latency CDC without the need for code modifications in source applications.

“There is a growing need for CDC capabilities, according to analyst Paige Bartley of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 451 Research. “The ability to integrate data from historical business-critical systems such as RDBMS with newer data repositories such as cloud-native SaaS applications is a critical capability, yet the differing architecture of these data systems can create complications.”1 To assist data integration/application providers in keeping multiple data processing systems synchronized, especially in time-sensitive, high-velocity data databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and commercial cloud platforms, Equalum is bringing the industry’s most competitively advantageous CDC platform and its uniquely innovative IP to partners in a strategic OEM arrangement.

Equalum offers joint collaboration with an advanced CDC feature set to meet and exceed customer requirements. In addition to offering its CDC technology platform to integration partners, the program will include joint product integration services, joint marketing collaterals and support, and message tuning that aligns with the partner’s market focus to increase partner value to customers and increased valuation to investors. Through this strategic partnership with Equalum, partners will gain access to new revenue streams by offering the ability to seamlessly capture changes from core, heavy-load on-premise business systems and databases and stream them in real time to their required target(s).

Compared to managing piecemeal legacy solutions which are often complex, unreliable and less compatible, Equalum is focused on helping partners to grow revenues and profit with an easy to configure and operate CDC platform. Capable of being managed on-premises or from remote locations Equalum CDC is also low overhead and non-intrusive. Unlike legacy solutions, the high throughput, low latency CDC platform does not require code changes in source applications – furthering the product’s usability.

Equalum’s multi-modal CDC capabilities, library of high-performing out-of-the-box CDC tools, and ability to utilize all relevant APIs to capture changes from any database or non-database source, transform and enrich the data in motion, allowing fast, accurate streaming to the customer’s targeted data warehouse, data lake or commercial cloud platform.

“The Equalum CDC Connect Partner Program provides several collaborative avenues that include, but are not limited to solution design, consultative support, sales and marketing enablement, as well as other service and support capabilities designed to move partners toward positive cash flow after deployment,” said Steve Foster, Vice President, Worldwide Sales for Equalum. “This will open the door to business opportunities requiring a highly functional CDC platform at the industry’s most compelling price/performance ratio.”


The Equalum CDC Connect OEM/Integration Partner Program is now open to partner inquiries. To learn more, please contact the company at


About Equalum
Equalum delivers the company’s award-winning Change Data Capture (CDC) to data integration partners worldwide. Equalum CDC provides partners with a future-proof data architecture that combines a uniquely scalable technology for extremely fast data ingestion between any number of sources and targets. Equalum CDC seamlessly integrates with newer database technologies and non-database sources using a zero-coding approach without impacting the data source. With a focus on usability, corporate data teams go from zero to basic knowledge in a only a few days, with their first use case ready to use in less than an hour. To learn more, visit and experience data integration simplified.

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