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September 28, 2023 Exabeam Announces New AI-Driven Security Advancements

Cybersecurity leader features threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) innovations at sixth annual Spotlight23 conference.

FOSTER CITY and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Exabeam, a global cybersecurity leader delivering AI-driven security operations, today announced its latest product advancements at the company’s sixth annual users conference Spotlight23, sponsored by Google Cloud. Exabeam has modernized security operations as one of the first cybersecurity companies to apply AI to address the limitations of traditional and legacy security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

“Since 2013, Exabeam has been laser-focused on advancing security operations using machine learning (ML) for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and other types of AI to automate threat detection and investigation,” said Adam Geller, CEO, Exabeam. “The data processing requirements of AI-driven security operations can only be met using a cloud-native infrastructure optimized for cost and speed. Leveraging AI, and now generative AI, we continue to push the envelope of innovation with cloud-native SIEM, security analytics, and security investigation solutions. We are committed to our mission to simplify and accelerate TDIR to provide successful security outcomes for organizations worldwide.”

Since Exabeam announced its New-Scale SIEM in October 2022, the company has raised the bar on innovation velocity in the SIEM industry releasing more than 400 new product features in the last 11 months. These include Outcomes Navigator, Log Stream, the API developer experience, Collectors for commonly used security and IT solutions, pre-built Dashboards, Threat Timeline improvements, Service Health and Consumption improvements, advanced Search for power users, log routing and filtering, log source monitoring, and a new Context Management app –– Spotlight23 attendees will get a look inside many of these features, plus all that’s coming with AI.

AI represents both an opportunity and a challenge for security teams. The AI-driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform provides the situational awareness that enables security and business team members to have a shared understanding of an organization’s security posture and the same interpretation of each and every threat, resulting in less room for inaccurate assumptions and human error. In a time of increased, complex, and bold criminal cyberattacks, including the ones that use AI, it’s critical that security teams and CISOs have the immediate, actionable information and clarity that Exabeam provides.

At Spotlight23, Exabeam will showcase its latest advancements for security operations leveraging AI, generative AI, and ML that increase security team productivity, including:

TDIR capabilities that will further improve the fidelity of threat detections, streamline the investigation experience, and automate the TDIR workflow.

Threat Explainer, a new product feature that quickly and accurately classifies threats and clearly articulates business risk. Leveraging historical data, Threat Explainer summarizes incidents into simple narratives and highly-tailored recommendations for next best remediation actions.

A new data telemetry capability that uses ML to alert customers about possible log source configuration errors. It helps spot gaps between predicted and actual data volumes to help avoid billing overages.

Exabeam remains committed to cutting-edge technology leadership with its current 36 pending and issued patents — nearly half AI-, ML- and data science-related — for UEBA, Smart TimelinesTM, Threat Timelines, log volume flow monitoring, and more.

Exabeam and Google Cloud AI partnership

Google Cloud’s current and future innovation in AI are the perfect complement to Exabeam’s security market-focused AI capabilities. The recently-announced Exabeam and Google Cloud AI partnership gives Exabeam a first mover advantage to embed the newest AI models and innovations into its cloud-native product portfolio. Brian Goldstein, Google Cloud Global General Manager, AI Go to Market, joins Adam Geller, Exabeam CEO, on stage at Spotlight23 to discuss the evolution of AI within cybersecurity, the complexity and risk, and where security teams need to get hyper focused.

To attend Spotlight23 and learn more about today’s announcements, register and join the livestream here.

About Exabeam
Exabeam is a global cybersecurity leader that helps organizations detect threats, defend against cyberattacks, and defeat adversaries. Exabeam was the first to put AI and machine learning in its products to deliver behavioral analytics on top of SIEM. Today, our New-Scale SIEMTM includes cloud-scale security log management, powerful behavioral analytics, and automated threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) to provide an advantage against cyberthreats. Exabeam baselines normal behavior so security operations teams can identify the abnormal and take action — for faster, more complete responses and repeatable security outcomes.

Detect. Defend. Defeat.™ Learn how at www.exabeam.com.

Exabeam, the Exabeam logo, New-Scale SIEM, Detect. Defend. Defeat., Exabeam Fusion, Smart Timelines, Security Operations Platform, and XDR Alliance are service marks, trademarks, or registered marks of Exabeam, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective owners. © 2023 Exabeam, Inc. All rights reserved.

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