To get the most out of Fort Lauderdale means understanding the industries and housing opportunities.

Fort Lauderdale is well known for a wide variety of industries. The general office, retail, and warehouse options are often the first which one will encounter. These are general business spaces that can be used for a wide variety of professional applications. These spaces are usually leased or rented individually through local companies like CoStar Realty.

The Fort Lauderdale Business Center is one of the more popular areas for people to find office space. The area is especially notable for a solid reputation. People know about the area as a place where solid deals are created and agreed upon. What’s more, employees are able to enjoy the area’s lush natural beauty as well.

Tourism & Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industries are centered on travelers who want to see the sights of Fort Lauderdale. The hotel accommodations range from the fun-packed Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to the more relaxed Courtyard Villa Hotel. One can find a wide variety of activities to enjoy when staying within those hotels. Beaches are easily one of the biggest draws for vacationers. However, a different side of nature can be found with tours such as the Billie Swamp Safari.


The Fort Lauderdale industrial sector has a healthy manufacturing component. These companies handle the actual physical creation of a wide number of different objects. Some companies produce items on a contract basis. However, Fort Lauderdale also has prominent companies such as Trimline, which designs and manufactures innovative products for specific fields. Trimline, for example, creates and distributes a wide variety of products for pets.


Fort Lauderdale’s distribution sector handles goods that have already been manufactured. Some companies work as a combination of the manufacturing and distribution sectors. These companies create a product and ship it out. Other companies, including industry leaders in Fort Lauderdale like Florida Distributors Inc, focus entirely on product distribution.


Fort Lauderdale features such a thriving retail sector that it’s often a tourist attraction unto itself. The retail sector handles selling items once they’ve been created and distributed to local shops. One of the best ways to get a look at Fort Lauderdale’s retail scene is through Harbor Shops. This area is located in the downtown region near Port Everglades. Within it, one will find a wide variety of items for sale. Items for sale range from groceries to yachting supplies.

People looking for a more unusual shopping trip might want to look into Fort Lauderdale’s Swap Shop. It typically hosts around 2,000 different vendors. The products range from used items to custom jewelry, arts, and crafts. It’s also well known for more than a large selection. The Swap Shop is also renowned for its ability to deliver a great deal.


Fort Lauderdale is renowned for a combination of beautiful natural vistas and equally beautiful architecture. The area’s construction sector is in charge of taking an architect’s ideas into a real-world reality. One might guess that an area as populous as Fort Lauderdale would have a lot of construction companies. That would be an accurate guess as the area has a booming construction industry.

Bergeron Land Development is one of the most important construction companies in the area. It was created all the way back in 1965 and continues to thrive up until this very day. This particular company is especially interesting for its expansion into related industries. For example, it also handles real estate and self-storage.

Housing Availability in Fort Lauderdale

One of the best things about Fort Lauderdale is that it offers living spaces with easy access to all of these opportunities. The options scale from waterfront properties to more affordable options, which can scale to people’s budgets. Fort Lauderdale apartments are almost always available in areas adjacent to any of the aforementioned industries.

One of the most important points to consider about housing in the area is that it fits into almost anyone’s needs. People moving into the area will typically do so because of employment in one of the previous industries or a passion for enjoying it. In either case, people will find themselves with the opportunity to live near the industry which has captured their attention. It also gives people the option to venture out into new interests. Someone who moves into the area for an office job might find that she loves going to the beach or frequenting the Swap Shop.

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