Unless you’re a purchasing professional or an employee with a penchant for office interior design, you probably take the floor under your feet for granted.

However, flooring simultaneously serves several practical and aesthetic purposes — it can contribute to energy efficiency and reduce insulation costs, make the environment warmer and more welcoming and also add to its overall attractiveness.

As technology improved over the years and working practices diversified, flooring types favoured in the past like linoleum have been replaced by systems like laminate, yet organic products like stone and wood still remain popular for particular applications.

With so much to choose from, it can be tough deciding which is best for your business – so in order to keep you grounded, here are three fantastically functional flooring types.

1. Carpets

If you associate office carpets with low-quality beige and ecru shades, think again, because modern commercial ranges from the likes of Wilton Carpets are bold, bright, durable and crafted with care from British wool-rich yarn.

Artisan carpet manufacturers of this type can also create bespoke pieces for your office that are completely unique, blend with your branding and enhance the ambience in every discrete operational space.

If you differentiate your business based on style as well as substance, creating a customised carpet with expert designers will create an amazing first impression for visitors and ensure staff feel proud to work in a pristine, professional environment.

2. Anti-fatigue mats

In food preparation areas, scientific labs and office receptions, workers typically spend much of their working days on their feet – which can cause strain, tiredness and, in some cases, long-term health problems.

However, anti-fatigue mats from specialists like Kleen-Tex are crafted from technical rubber and feature ergonomic designs aimed at comfort and protection. They’re an essential investment for firms who want to guard against medical problems like back issues, leg strain, inflammation and varicose veins.

And remember that specialist anti-fatigue mats which protect against electrical charges and incorporate fire resistance are also available and these are particularly useful in industrial workplaces.

3. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can combine the look of traditional wood with the functionality and flexibility of more modern materials, so it’s an excellent choice for many businesses. Plus if you shop around carefully, you’ll find that it costs a fraction of traditional hardwood flooring.

Additionally, most laminate flooring systems are so user-friendly that you can install them yourself, saving yet more cash as there’s no need to shell out for professional fitting.

An experienced supplier like Factory Direct has a range of styles to suit any office, from rustic oak finishes to more contemporary light grey oak versions.

And finally, they’re fantastically easy to maintain – the messiest of spills can simply be mopped up in a few seconds.

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