If you are interested in learning more about health and safety measures in the construction field, check out five major avenues for success.

Implementing a construction project can only be successful with effective health and safety measures in place. As the project owner or coordinator, you want to keep your workforce safe and healthy until the end. You and your workforce should know simple construction field safety rules and exercise them. This guide highlights the rules every construction project should implement to keep everything safe and healthy and increase its success.

Wear PPE at All Times

Every construction worker deserves the right gear before engaging in the work. You should understand that the PPE you wear is the last line of defense in case of an accident. PPE is also vital to construction workers implementing a project in a building or field with hazardous materials. If the construction project is in an old building, there is the risk of asbestos exposure. The workers must wear PPE and other gear to get protection from asbestos’s long-term and life-threatening effects. As per the reports from the American Cancer Society, 72 is the average age for people exhibiting the symptoms of mesothelioma of the chest. Wearing PPE at all times becomes vital in avoiding such effects.

Conduct Thorough Risk Assessment

It is important to inspect and assess the site before any construction project begins. Through the inspection and risk assessment, the contractor can create a suitable safety plan for everyone in the field. Accidents might occur faster when there is a poor or ineffective risk assessment on the construction site. Every construction site needs a list of control measures that address the potential hazards to be keen on. It is easier to take care of your workers’ health and safety after conducting a thorough risk assessment and implementing effective measures.

Educate and Create Awareness of Safety

Everyone at the construction site needs to understand the lurking danger and ways to avoid it. This is possible when you make an effort to educate and create awareness about what might compromise their safety. As the project manager, it is important to create an avenue to make your workforce learn fast. By creating awareness, you give everyone the responsibility to look after themselves during the project’s implementation. Ensure the lessons tackle every aspect of their safety, including personal oral and dental hygiene practices. With the number of adults in the United States with untreated tooth decay increasing by 26%, that is, 1 in 4 people, educating and creating awareness in the construction field remains paramount.

Have Effective Entry and Exit Points

If the construction project dictates you use heavy machinery or vehicles, ensure the entry and exit points are effective. This is important as you want to prevent accidents and other incidences that might compromise the project. Establishing separate entry and exit points for pedestrians and motorists will help avoid accidents and keep your workers safe. You should also be keen on road and traffic signage in different areas in the construction field. This is important as you provide guidance to everyone and prevent accidents. Also, look for barricades to guide motorists and prevent costly accidents and damage on the construction sites. Consider electric traffic signage if the project’s working hours extend overnight.

Conduct Regular Equipment Safety Checks

Accidents due to malfunctioning construction tools and equipment are common. As the project manager, the blame lies with you in case of an accident and injuries. Failure to check the tools and equipment before the construction work can only show the level of negligence on the contractor’s or project manager’s part. You should be keen on the equipment safety checks to avoid accidents that might lead to victims filing personal injury lawsuits against you. With Judge Ward handling over 150 claim construction hearings, including hundreds of patent cases such as the Hatch-Waxman case, and conducting over 150 jury trials, it only shows the need to regularly check equipment safety to avoid accidents.

As a project owner or manager, there are many factors that you should be keen on to meet your construction expectations. The safety and health of your workers are the major factors to keep in mind. You need a better platform to take care of your workers and meet your project’s expectations. Following the above tips will help ensure safety, keep everyone healthy and get the best construction project results.

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