Textiles are used in a vast variety of applications; medical, marine, safety and architecture to name a few.

The industrial sector has revolutionized the world. The industrial boom is responsible for almost every luxury we have today. However, it is also a fact that this sector has contributed the most to polluting the plant. Most of the environmental pollution is caused by different kinds of industries.

When it comes to the textile industry, things are not very different. If you think that the textile industry is only for making the clothes that you wear, then you are wrong. It has uses in a vast range of different fields of life. For example, medical, marine safety, architecture, etc. Different companies are offering textile solutions for these and many other fields of life.

There is a dire need to protect the environment. In this blog, you are going to find out some of the ways through which textile solutions can save the environment.

Here you go:

Manufacture of Reusable Materials

The first and most important thing is to make the textile materials that can be reused. It is a very critical thing when it comes to the sustainable textile industry as most of the fabrics that the industry is producing for different purposes is non-reusable.

Materials That Consume Less Water

The textile industry consumes a lot of water. To make a single cotton t-shirt, water equivalent to 35 bathtubs is used. Now imagine if you are able to save all this water. It is not an impossible thing to do. Different textile products like Erez Thermoplastic Products are specifically designed to make sure that they consume the minimum amount of water.

Mixing of Cotton with Other Materials

You’ll be surprised to know that if cotton is mixed with some other materials that are compatible and have the potential to make clothes, then it can save 90% of the water. To make the products of pure cotton, a huge quantity of water is required. However, if a little bit of innovation is introduced with it, then all this water can be saved, and the product would still turn out fine.

Sustainable Product Designs

It is a fact that in order to achieve sustainability in any industry, product design matters the most. You have to design the product in the most eco-friendly way possible. Product design not only involves the design of the product, but it also involves the execution of the whole process. You have to make sure that the product itself is sustainable, and the process that is required to make the product is also environmentally friendly.


Our planet is the only home we have. We can’t afford to lose the only place we have to live in. Industrial activities have done enough damage. Now it is time to make sure that no more damage is done to our mother nature. Be it the textile industry or be it any other industry, it is time that we collectively make the decision of using the industrial solutions that do not have any side effects on the environment. It is the only way to make sure that our future generations have a home to live in.

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