A digital kiosk is a contactless process for ordering food without using a cash register.

What is a digital kiosk and why is it important for business?

A digital kiosk is a relatively recent invention that allows customers to order their favourite food by using a kiosk installed in a restaurant instead of a cash register. Sounds simple enough and it comes with a great deal of advantages.

In this day and age, it is more important than ever that the process of ordering food is as contactless as possible. Luckily there is the digital kiosk solution, which helps customers order food in a restaurant without going through a cash register. 

This has a number of advantages, especially during the current pandemic situation. In cases where the food industry is opening up, it is worth ensuring that everything is as conducive as possible to maintaining sanitary conditions and increasing the safety of employees and customers. Few solutions seem to have as beneficial an impact on this as the use of a digital kiosk.

Learn with us in detail why it is recommended to install a digital kiosk in your restaurant.

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Benefits of using a digital kiosk

The first advantage that comes to mind is that using a kiosk enables processing an order with peace of mind. The customer can see with their own eyes what the restaurant menu looks like without feeling pressured by time. Installing kiosks also helps break up long queues. Kiosks work especially well during rush hours, when restaurants are visited by many people who want to have a quick meal. A digital kiosk makes it possible to break up this queue by at least half, while also offering a quieter alternative in a crowded place.

Both of these advantages translate into much better resource management and time organisation. Cashiers are not as tired and cooks can better estimate their activities, having a constant flow of information that is evenly distributed over time. Of course, one of the main advantages of such a solution is that customers feel much more satisfied. By installing digital kiosks, you can be sure that customers will be less impatient and more content. The whole process will be carried out more efficiently even during the most intense rush hours, and this will directly translate into income.

Keep in mind that this is very important for your employees. Customers who use the kiosks thus relieve cashiers who can devote their resources to serving other customers more fully. A halved queue also means much greater comfort and a significant reduction in stress during peak hours. A more rested employee is a much more effective and better performing employee.

Last but not least, digital kiosks provide unprecedented opportunities to apply marketing and UX techniques, and therefore are a great sales tool.

Benefits during the pandemic

As has already been mentioned in this article, the benefits of using kiosks are enormous during a pandemic. Safety and sanitation are now leading values, especially in the food industry, where contact between people must be minimised. Digital kiosks are a great way for people to keep their distance when ordering food, as it groups people closer to the checkouts or closer to the kiosks. It also reduces contact between employees and customers, which significantly reduces the risk of contagion.

In addition, using kiosks increases customer confidence in your business, so you can be sure that they will be much more likely to choose food from your restaurant. Sanitation when ordering food will imply greater safety of the prepared food, making customers much more likely to order it.

The current situation, although difficult for many people, can be a valuable lesson on how we should keep both employees and customers safe. Digital kiosks are certainly one of the main solutions to help maintain sanity and increase public confidence. They are also simple and not difficult to install, with benefits so extensive that this is currently one of the most recommended solutions for restaurants during these difficult times.

We hope that this article has given you some insight on what digital kiosks are, as well as their most important benefits.

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