Dorel Juvenile is the largest manufacturer of high-quality, safe and fashionable car seats. With a frontrunner mentality that matches their position as a global market leader, Dorel Juvenile desired to deliver consumer service that aligned with the innovation of their products.

To maintain a strong connection with consumers through active engagement and service, Dorel Juvenile added various communication channels to its overarching consumer service strategy. This allowed issues to be reported from different portals such as Facetime, Facebook, Twitter, phone, email, web chat and video chat.

Despite the wide range of communication options, Dorel Juvenile’s consumer care team operated in silos and agents could not seamlessly switch between channels during interactions. If a consumer’s problem could not be solved on the channel used initially, the interaction would end, forcing the agent to restart the conversation on a different channel.

As a result, agents’ jobs became more complex and time-consuming as Dorel Juvenile struggled to forge together these various portals to create a smoother consumer experience. Accurate reporting was impossible, making it even more difficult to identify problems and resolutions. Agents even resorted to using their personal mobile phones in their efforts to solve consumer problems.

In need of a cost-effective solution that handled all channels seamlessly, increased productivity, cut costs and boosted agent effectiveness, Dorel Juvenile sought the support of Sharpen Technologies, a contact center platform that supports a better agent experience and solves today’s biggest communication problems.

Sharpen’s platform is armed with unique omni-channel capabilities, so Dorel Juvenile agents could interact with consumers across any channel including SMS, web-chat, email and phone calls all within one interaction. It also provided access to past history for consumers, allowing agents to see previous conversations and pick up where they left off. From these changes, agents improved the average inquiry handle time by 60 percent and were able to resolve 30 percent more calls with the same amount of staff members.

Sharpen’s platform also helped Dorel Juvenile improve several critical processes. For instance, warranty returns previously required the consumer to send parts via mail, which could take a span of weeks to get resolved. Now, thanks to Sharpen, agents can receive pictures via text message while on the phone and complete the process the same day.

Since implementing Sharpen, Dorel Juvenile has experienced a 32 percent gain in ROI and saved more than 20 percent in overall contact center costs. Dorel Juvenile supervisors also now have accurate data on KPI’s to make more informed decisions and determine if changes are helping or hurting the team’s performance.

In addition, thanks to Sharpen’s platform, Dorel Juvenile aso received multiple 2018 Stevie Awards for Best Use of Technology in Customer Service and Contact Center of the Year. These positive results prove omni-channel is no longer just a CRM initiative, but a way to ensure survival in today’s highly-saturated marketplace.

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